Android SQLite Database Got Corrupted: Fix It Here!

Corruption is one of the common scenarios nowadays. It can occur in any platform or file format, for that matter. Similarly, Android SQLite database can be corrupted due to various reasons. Therefore, in this blog, we will introduce a best for the recovery of damaged Android SQLite database. But, before that, let learn some crucial details about Android SQLite database.

Android save the data via SQLite database engine and it is a stand-alone transactional engine, which allows users to access and manage the database. It does not need any dedicated server process. Many application, as well as platforms beyond mobile OS Android, use SQLite. Dissimilar to desktop-based databases, it (SQLite) removes the features, which are not essentially useful and as an outcome attains minute footprint. DB systems use static typing; on the other hand, SQLite prefers the manifest typing. It drives the data information responsibility to compute languages such as Java. This maps database structure to the high-end types.

Android User SQLite: Reasons

One of the major reasons behind this is that SQLite is reliable. Most of the plans codes are dependent on library testing. Moreover, the library has such a structure that it has the ability to handle the failures of the system like disk errors, power failure, or low storage memory. Some more grounds due to which Android utilizes SQLite:

  • Need No setup and Installation: SQLite does not need any administration, as it is an independent platform. Moreover, it requires no administrator for managing data.
  • Use Data in Other Platforms: The database, which is generated in SQLite is in the stable format as well as with backward capability. Therefore, it can be used in the older version too.
  • Creation of Dedicated Database File: It produces a single database for the complete entry & information storage when uses on the platform or on an application.
    Static Typing vs. Manifest Typing: SQLite database is not the property of column storing value, unlike SQL database, but of the value itself. Therefore, any of the value can be saved in the random column regardless of the declared type of column.

SQLite has various benefits but is prone to corruption as well. Let us, how to resolve the damage from unhealthy Android SQLite database.

Best Way to Fix Corrupted SQLite Database

Following steps require working with the DOS command line (cmd).

  • Copy corrupted map file (or another sqlite database) from your device to PC
  • Download SQLite-tools from
  • Unpack it and place corrupted database file into the same directory as sqlite3.exe
  • Start “cmd” and navigate to the directory with the corrupted file
  • Run
    >sqlite3.exe filename.db “PRAGMA integrity_check”
    to verify database. The result will probably error message Error: database disk is malformed.
  • Run
    >sqlite3 filename.db “.dump” | sqlite3 new.db
  • If you repeat above integrity check on a new.db file, you should get “OK” message.
  • Rename new.db file to the original name of your file and copy it to its original place (i.e. copy fixed tracks.db or waypoints.db to Locus/data/database folder)

Reason Why SQ_lite Data Get Corrupted

  • File Overwriting Operations: Overwriting of SQLite files is possible as these files are ordinary disk files, not anyway is there to defend the database from such actions.
  • File Locking Issues: For coordinating concurrent processes, SQLite uses locking database facility and the reason behind it is avoiding changes done by two different processes for a single database that explores data corruption.
  • Database Syncing Failure: If sync command of SQLite Server playing the role of I/O barrier instead of a true sync, then any failure may come across to you that further rollback actions, you can say it a violation of ACID property. In this case, the database will be in resistant mode.
  • Flash And Disk Drive Failures: The changes in the content of hard drives and disk drives may be quite annoying for SQLite users.

Wrapping It Up

There are various reasons behind the Android using SQLite. However, it can be damaged anytime. Therefore, in the above blog, we have learned a method to repair Android SQLlite Database after it gets corrupted. Many professionals have successfully used this method and recovered their data.