An Overview Of The Social Media And Its Development!

Social Media can be simply defined as the technologies that are designed to make interaction among humans more easy who are seeking information or data. The two words Social and Media can define the ultimate meaning of the social media if taken alone. The word social is used for the interaction between humans while the word media is best defined as the medium of storing and delivering information. This is how the main definition is derived. Social media comprise of the mobile and web technologies to make communication and interaction among humans in an easier way. These technologies are the application that allows the users to communicate the data or information from one place to another place within seconds. In the last few years, the social media has emerged as a real force which became the fastest in updating news. An application like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace has changed the nature of communication not only among individual people but also among the businesses.

Social Media Classification: 

Social media can take many forms, it includes the weblogs, magazines, wikis, social bookmarking, social networks and podcast. It can be broadly said that there exist six different types of social media. Firstly the collaborative projects such as the Wikipedia, secondly the blogs such as twitter. Then is the content communities like YouTube and the fourth one is the social networks such as Facebook. The virtual game world is the fifth one and the last one is the virtual social world such as the Second Life.

Mobile Social Media:   

If the social media applications are used on the cell phone then these are called mobile social media. These mobile social media are subject to a higher location along with time sensitivity.  The four kinds of mobile social media can be categorized on the basis of whether they are location sensitive or time sensitive.

1.      Space Timers: these are the time and location sensitive. An example of this could be Facebook.

2.      Space Locators: these are the only location sensitive such as the Yelp.

3.      Quick Timers: these are only time sensitive for example twitter message posting.

4.      Slow Timers: these are not sensitive to location or time. Example of this could be watching video on YouTube on your cell phone while travelling.

These mobile social media is best used when the personal computer or laptop is not near you. It may be the case that you are travelling and in the way you have some serious deal to make regarding the business but for that you need to have some way of communication and for this purpose mobile social media is very effective. New devices such as iPad have made the mobile social media very popular as these allow the sending and receiving of date in real time. An addition to the mobile social medium is the Instagram which allow the users to take the photo wherever they are and share it with the rest of the world. This new development has been greeted tremendously by the people.

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