An Intro to the Windows 8 Store

It is astounding to see how technology has influenced and changed so many lives. From the traditional practices and devices, we are now technology-conscious and device-hungry individuals. You see people on the streets or in the subway browsing the web on their smartphones or portable computers. This phenomenon has undeniably paved the way for mobile application downloads.


Level the playing field

When it comes to modern computing, digital downloads have always been a staple. With the aim of leveling the playing field, Microsoft felt compelled to do something bigger with Windows 8 and that is the Windows 8 Store. Apple and Google already have their own stores; Apple has the App Store and Google has Google Play. In order to join the race, Microsoft saw how important it is for them to come up with their own store which is why the Windows 8 Store was born.  The Windows 8 Store is one of the operating system’s core components. Although Windows 8 was primarily designed to suit portable computers and touchscreen devices, the Windows 8 Store will now be included in every edition of Microsoft’s operating systems.

What Windows 8 Store has to offer

As mentioned earlier, Windows 8 was designed with tablets, touchscreen devices, and portable computers in mind but laptop and desktop computer users may still want to take a closer look at what the Windows 8 Store has to offer. The Windows 8 Store not only provides full-screen applications that are perfect for Windows 8 but also offers other excellent desktop apps that run seamlessly on the new Microsoft OS. Users can now take full advantage of both paid and free applications found on the Windows 8 Store. From virtual PBX apps to whimsical games like Crazy Machines Golden Gears, the Windows 8 Store proves to be filled with a lot of promise. There is actually a long list of apps that you can download from the store and they cover every niche you can think of.

How to use the Windows 8 Store

It has been well established that the Windows Store was initially intended for touchscreen and portable devices but despite the fact, one can easily navigate and explore the store with the help of a traditional computer mouse and keyboard. A green tile found at the left side of the Windows 8 Start Screen will direct you to the Store so it isn’t hard to find. It is a system that was designed for easy and no fuss use so users can enjoy browsing and downloading all the applications they need. Like any other app store, users can also find categories for the top free applications, featured apps, and top paid applications. Browsing and searching for certain apps is also easy since applications are arranged according to their categories. If you would like to look for a particular application, all you have to do is type in the title or a keyword associated to the app and the list of all possible matches will be shown and narrowed down for you. If you aren’t familiar with where to search, you can just hit the Windows Key together with the letter Q to bring the search panel up.

How to install downloaded apps

Downloading an application from the Windows 8 Store is as easy as cracking an egg and installing it is no different, either. All you have to do in order to install an application is to click or tap on the tile of the app that you would like to install and then click Install. This works for free applications. For paid applications, however, there is an additional step that you would need to take. You will have to tap on Buy and then Confirm to finalize the purchase. You will then be asked to provide your payment details.