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The year that passed ended with the immense popularity of Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Like every year, Apple iPhone users are expecting Apple to break all the records of perfection with the launch of Apple iPhone 7. It is expected that Apple iPhone 7 will transform the camera bump and antenna lines with the sporting sleek new look. This transformed look of such a popular cell phone brand will surely satisfy the already existing Apple iPhone users and will also make a lot of people switch to the Apple brand.

With Apple iPhone 6, Apple Inc. delivered some of the technologically innovative and modernized mobile phone options. People all over the globe bought Apple iPhone 6 because of the best handset design. Nevertheless, the new 3D technology in this handset defeated all the other cell phone brands in the market. Undoubtedly gadgets and iPhones by Apple have exceptional class in the global market, which cannot be compared to other brands.

After the 3D camera technology given by Apple in iPhone 6, something huge can be expected from the brand for their launch of iPhone 7. iPhone 7 is going to arrive with big changes in their brand new design, piles of power and a bunch of whole new features.

Although iPhone 7 is expected to arrive in the second half of 2016, there is latest information regarding its features already circulating the Apple market. It is expected that Apple will launch the new phone in September, 2016 and the 3D technology of iPhone’s camera shall be better than iPhone 6! This new and better 3D camera technology in iPhone is still in its developmental phase. This is the biggest reason; Apple is taking so much time to launch their much awaited new product.

It is also expected that Apple will launch other products as well with iPhone 7. Some of these new products shall be iPad Air 3, iPhone 5SE and Apple Watch 2. According to the recent news, Apple aims to change the design of iPhone 7. People expect that the new phone would be somewhat similar to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus but Apple representatives stated that they aim to bring a completely different iPhone as the latest version in comparison to iPhone 6.

It is now believed that Apple iPhone 7 is going to be slimmer than the 7.1mm-thick iPhone 6S. So the new iPhone shall be dropping to between 6mm and 6.5mm thickness. On a general note, an iPhone slimmer to this width sounds unusual to many. Users are also worried that this slimness will result in too weak battery. However, it is difficult but not impossible for Apple to come up with a solution for this slim texture and battery life. iPhone users want Apple to make the phone slim but without compromising on other features as well.

Surprisingly, iPhone 7 is going to have all-metal design to its texture. This seems both unrealistic and too fascinating at the same time. Bezeless and all-metal design display will make people to turn around to see the new iPhone. This metal design is also going to accommodate the new screen technology. Screen technology is a very smart move for Apple to take.

iPhone 7 is going to be world’s best water and dust resistant phone. Making iPhone waterproof will fulfill the long lasting wish of the users to use their phones under water. The new technology called “pixel-eyes” is also recommended for iPhone 7. With the use of this technology iPhone users shall be able to use the screen while they have wet fingers too. In this way, iPhone 7’s waterproof technology can be compared to the waterproof technology of Sony. iPhone 7 is not going to be dependent on Bluetooth headphones as there is going to be a wireless set of buds, which is simply awesome!


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