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If you are wondering just what is is about, well it is an Internet protocol (IP) address. This particular IP address is the one used by many broadband routers such as those made by Belkin. But you can set up any router to use this IP address. Like other Internet protocol address used by home routes, is private.


Overview of IP addresses


All devices hooked up to the Internet or any computer network for that matter, uses an IP address. These protocols are used to define a digital technique that electronic and computer devices use to interact with one another. The protocol is used by devices so that they receive and transmit data packets from the source to the destination and back and forth. It has to be stressed that the devices must utilize different addresses for data packet exchanges.


Networks are used not just for connecting to the Inherent but also wireless routers, Ethernet cables, cable TVs, cell phones and phone lines as well. You can also use routers to designate temporary IP addresses for components connected to a LAN local area network which the routers handle.


This configuration makes it possible to route data packets in a network to the proper devices. While all routers are capable of doing this but some have many other features like wireless access, data packet error correction and encryption of data packets.


The IPv4 address is composed of 4 numbers limited to the to range. Using all the possible combinations it can handle up to 4 billion addresses, while the IPv6 version can manage a whole lot more. IPv6 in fact was created to make up for the shortcomings of IPv4.


Finding a Wireless Router Internet Protocol Address


All routers come with a single IP address that will be used for the WAN (wide area network) and LAN (local area network) and a local area network (LAN). A good example of WAN is the Internet. LAN (internal) IP addresses are usually pre-configured by the manufacturer using the company’s default IP. If you type the IP address in a web browser, the browser will respond by going to your router’s admin page, where can see the various options for your router.


If you want to find your IP address, look for it in the router product manual as it will be included there. If you lost the manual you can go to the manufacturer’s website and find the IP address. Another way is to get connected to your wireless router using its Ethernet cable. Turn your computer on and go to the Stat button, and go to the Command prompt. When you get there type “ipconfig” with no quotes. Press the Enter key.


This action will produce a list of Internet protocol addresses. Look for the one next to “Default Gateway”. This is the IP address that your router is using. Now all you have to do is open your browser and type the address you found next to the gateway. Next you will land in the administrator page. Enter your username and password if required.


Now that you know what is is about, it becomes easier to understand why routers use them, and why they are so important for network connection. Simply put, without it your router will not be able to connect to the web.