About Certiport MOS Certification and How Practice Exams Can Help

Unlike ever before, someone who wishes to enter into the information technology industry to succeed in an IT-relate career should possess excellent knowledge and skills in Microsoft Office products. Not just MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but even the non-tech people should be able to handle Microsoft Access, Outlook, and OneNote, etc.

Microsoft Office Specialist or MOS certification is one such credential to testify your proficiency in MS Office products. The MOS certification offered by Certiport will help the individuals attained a certain level of proficiency to get accredited by the provider itself. The certification process for MOS involves proper study and practice followed by an exam in order to measure the proficiency and competency of the participants in the selected products.

MOS certification process

It involves various steps as:

Selection of the certification level you want to apply for. Various levels are:

  1. MOS Specialist
  2. MOS Expert, and
  3.  MOS Master

Select the specific product/s you want to certify in, i.e.,

  1. Word
  2. Excel
  3. PowerPoint
  4. Access
  5. Outlook etc.
  • Prepare well for the exam using the online training material from Certiport or other leading providers.
  • Book and generate an exam voucher, which can be done online now.
  • Try to take Certiport MOS practice exams to attain speed and understand the exam pattern.
  • Schedule the exam at a comfortable MOS certification certiport test center.
  • Attend the exam on the scheduled date and put in your best to clear it.

Soon after completing the certification exam (usually within four weeks of clearing it), you will get the official certification of MOS with a Microsoft logo and hologram on the certification, which features your accomplishment. Note that there are many training centers and authorized test centers to choose, which can provide a range of services to those who are interested in the MOS certification exam.

The benefits of gaining MOS certification

As we discussed above, Microsoft Office Specialist Certification testifies the expertise of a professional in using the Microsoft Office tools. This certification will help the individual’s confidence and also make him or her more acceptable professional to the employers. MOS certification surely adds value to your professional profile in the highly competitive job market and put you at a higher earning potential.

MOS certification will also help the working employee to enhance their skills, knowledge, productivity, competence, and credibility in comparison with others of the same profile. For employers, sending their workers for such certification will help to draw out their fullest potential and also improve the overall organizational productivity and quality through it.

Some of the major benefits of getting MOS certification are:

  • Validating your job-seeker skills.
  • Differentiate yourself from others of the same academic qualifications.
  • Add more charm to your resume.
  • Gain more recognition from employers.
  • Leverage the usefulness of Microsoft products at work.

There are various certifications at different levels to be earned through Certiport on Microsoft technologies. There is a certain code number for each exam, which you can explore at the official Certiport website.

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