A Smart Phone, Personal Computer, Gadget- The new HTC Windows Phone

It wasn’t late ago when Microsoft announced a breakthrough technology of a triplet processor range that was i3, i5 and unbelievably fast i7 that tested limits of every user. Nobody at that time thought of similar quad-core processor technology in cell phones. HTC has done it, with 1GHZ quad-core chip and nvidea tegra3 graphic chipset they have revolutionized cell phones. And there new collaboration has come up with none other than Windows. HTC has announced a new series of cell phone model number 8X and 8S which run an OS none other than the mighty Windows.

The Splendid Design

All though it gives you an awfully similar look to nokia’s Lumia series but over the top features and candy coated colors truly distinguishes it from the lot of cell phones. The design is sleek and slim with thickness of just 0.4inches it is one handy cell phone that fits your palms.


With 4.3 inch display and gorilla glass cover for protection it is a must buy for those who live in style. The device’s 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 display loomed large and pleasing in my eye, and the clean, minimalist approach lends elegance to the phone’s plastic construction.

Larger than Life Features

With amazingly sleek, stylish and simple design, there is also a lot of substance added into this beast. The 1GHZ dual-core processor adds a thrill to life with multi-tasking enabled and features loading with amazingly fast speed. The other is the 8MP full HD camera with spectacular features like geo-tagging, smile detection and backside illuminated sensor (BSI) it gives you an amazing picture quality with HTC’s discreet Image processing.

Other features of the Windows Phone 8X include the Beats Audio sound profile that will work in all applications and built-in NFC connectivity, while the handset is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and has 1GB of RAM.


Amplified By Beats Audio                 

The HTC 8X has a built in amplifier that boosts and pumps more power into your earpieces like never before. Now you can enjoy all the beats striking every chord of yours with amazingly clear and crisp sound.

Your World is Live Now

With so much action and happening all the time in life, it’s just what you need a true companion that keeps you connected with all your interests all the time. With live tabs now you can, according to your preferences push by just a touch and enter a whole new world of social media, apps and get connected to your friends.  The homepage tiles can be customized according to your interests.


With so much to offer in one smart phone HTC has yet again surprised everyone with their new update of cell phone. It’s hard to give it a name, personal computer, cell phone, palm top or a gadget. It has all the features to capture the market by a storm

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