A Good Phone Repairs Company to use that has been recommended by many!

Phone_RepairsHave you ever been in the situation where you have accidentally broken your new gadget or it is faulty and starts doing strange stuff? Yeah me to! I think most people have.

I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3 when my upgrade was due at Carphone Warehouse. I have had this phone for about 2 weeks now and I have just started having troubles with it. It will randomly start freezing when I am in the middle of sending a text or on the internet etc. This is starting to get annoying as its taking me like 5 minutes to send a text every time.

I thought I would google the symptoms and see what came up. Then I remembered when I purchased the phone they said if you have any problems come and see the agents that work with us. I went to the site to find my nearest store where the agents are based and I came across their phone repairs section of their site.

They have an online repairs tool which I had a look at, it gives you a list of problems that are common that you can choose from then it gives you a choice of mobile phones. Once you have selected these it will give you a step by step guide on how to fix these problems at home. I followed these steps exactly and it sorted the problem straight away. A couple days on my mobile hasn’t frozen at all!

To be honest I did not think this would work at all, I thought I would have to take it to the store and pay for it to be fixed. I wasn’t going to try out this online tool but something made me and I am glad I did as it didn’t cost me anything. I had a look around the repairs section after to see if there was any other information I could pick up. They have so much information on here that everyone can access its amazing! If your mobile has had to go in for repair you track its progress by a tool online. There is also quick fix guides on all the top/ most popular phones out there that could have the answer to your problems.

This is definitely the best service I have come across so far when it comes to repairs. I haven’t found any other site that does the same as this one. Also from telling my friends about this I found out that one of them had used them before and she said her phone had to go into the store to be fixed. She said how well their services were and that she would take her phone there again. I will always check here now before taking my phone to the store.

There are so many places that do phone repairs out there that do it for a cheap price but you need to make sure it is not a dodgy deal or anything. With the cost of the phones and gadgets these days it is best to make sure it is done properly to avoid any further damage. Taking it to a proper company will also give you a guarantee on the work they have done in case any problems do arise.

Geek Squad is a quality service that will support you when you make claims or take phones in to be fixed etc. If any problems do arise after they have fixed your mobile phone they will fix the new problem free of charge.


A natural born writer, Stacey Barton writes professionally and for fun across a wide range of niches with particular attention to how classic brands like Geek Squad can continue to offer the same product for decades and somehow survive the turbulent and ever changing consumer market.