8 Steps to Build Awesome Website!

Since most of the businesses have gone online already now it’s our turn to get an exclusive online face for your business i.e. a Website. You might have been delaying it for quite some time but now it’s the right time to do it. You might have decided to build website for you but before going in to the process we would like you to go through these 11 basic Steps of website building so that you end up making great website for yourself. We assure you that reading this article will help you in building your website effectively that can impress your visitor and help you in achieving your desired goals.

Website building is a long process, like you don’t start building your home without having proper blue prints and maps in the same way starting to build your website without proper planning might result in catastrophe. Here are those 11 steps which will help you throughout your journey of building remarkable website.

Step 1:

Identify your goal of creating website. What is one goal that you want your site to achieve? We term this goal as “Call to action”. You may have any objective in your mind like you want people to call you, order from online store, signup for your newsletter etc. While designing your website make sure that you encourage your visitor to perform that action by making it more alluring with design, images and wordings. You can gauge your success with the given call to action. Whether people are performing that action or not; If not then what changes you can bring to the desired action.

Step 2:

Before building your website you should analyze whom you are building for? We term this as “Target Audience”. Keep one thing in mind that you cannot impress everyone with your website, it’s only the specific audience whom you can cater via your website and this is called your target audience the right people for your website. Perform extensive research about your target audience and find information like how old they are, what their interests are, where they are from, what benefits you can offer them. Keeping all these in mind at every step of site building can help you achieve your goals more effectively. When writing content for your site choose images, fonts, color scheme and site layout wisely. This puts great impact on visitors of your site.

 Step 3:

One of the most overlooked phases of building a website is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO determines how high your site will appear in Google results. In order to give your site best of SEO, you first have to understand Google. Google presents results based in Keywords or Key phrases. If you will use most relevant keywords on your site it is more likely that your customers will find you. Choose your phrases wisely and then use them throughout your website. Google use this information to find what your site is all about and then place you in relevant search results.

Step 4:

Now you are more than ready to start building your website. In this phase you have to do your homework and start gathering material for your website. It may include Logo, content, images, videos, and testimonials.  Use high resolution version of your logo. This makes site look more legitimate and professional. Write unique and informative content for your site and organize it according to your main menu. Use large headings so that visitors can navigate to required information easily. Ask your previous clients to send few kind words for your business which you can publish under testimonials.

Step 5:

Since you have started building your site, before making it live to world wide web, you need to register your domain, get hosting and choose a platform to build the site. Domain is the unique address of your site. It’s what the people type to reach to your website. Normally you can get a domain for $15 per year. Choose domain name wisely which might contain your business name, your keywords and is easy to remember at the same time. If domain is your home then hosting is the rent. This is where all your information is stored. Most of the domains come with hosting packages, if not you can get one by spending few bucks.

Step 6:

After you have added content on your site, your website is ready to go live. But before making it live and available for Google, make sure that your website is optimized for Google. Use those selected keywords throughout your website in the text, headings, in alt text. Use them wisely to avoid keywords stuffing. Use these keywords in Meta title and Meta description of your site. Connect your site to Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. It will help you to monitor you site.

Step 7:

Now your website is complete but wait have you checked how your website looks on mobile? Do you know in the year 2015 mobile browsing officially surpassed desktop browsing which means more people are looking at your website from their mobile. You need to make sure that your website looks good on mobile. Moreover Google penalizes those websites which are not mobile optimized.

Step 8:

Now you are ready to go live. Make sure you have dotted all those I’s and crossed all those t’s. You can show your website to your friends to get first hand feedback.

Check Video by Wix.com below to learn how to make a website more professionally!

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