8 Reasons To Choose Basic Invite For Sending Birthday Invitations

Your birthday is perhaps the most prominent day of the calendar. It’s the ideal occasion for creating wonderful memories with everyone you love, enjoying in one place! Similarly, for the people who love to go all out, hosting and throwing birthdays is an event they look forward to all year.

But taking responsibility to make an evening eventful is quite a bit of a task. There’s a lot of hassle when it comes to booking a venue, arranging transportation, deciding on the menu and of course, choosing a gorgeous cake!

Besides these is another important job; handing out invitations. Now in recent times, we have found easy tricks to go about this task, namely sending a text, edited photo or e-card.

However, there’s something about the quality and personalization of printed cards that catches everyone’s attention. And when you’re aiming to make everything top-notch, why not send a unique invite?

Here, the question arises; where do I find a pretty invitation card that’s customizable yet inexpensive?

Well, fortunately, we have discovered a gem in the form of Basic Invite. And don’t go by its name, because it has much more to offer than simple, solid colored cards!

About Basic Invite:

Basic Invite has been involved in creating ideal personalized cards since 2006. They possess unique technology and incredible art skills, giving their customers control over the designing process. This contributes in making a truly custom product.

Still not convinced? Here’s 8 reasons to pick Basic Invite when sending out birthday invitations!

1.   Unlimited Colors:

What really makes Basic Invite stand out is their nearly unlimited array of popping colors. Once you’re content with a design choice, you can pick any of the 180 colors that appeal to you and change the colors of every element!birthday invites

This, along with the choice of shape and material, not only makes your elegant birthday invitations unique, but a vibrant range of complementing colors will catch the eyes of all guests!

2.   Custom Samples:

Basic Invite lets you preview the changes you’ve made online, and in physical form. That’s right! It’s actually one of the few sites that let you print a sample of your customized invite. Printed samples are helpful in deciding if the shape, size, material and colors of your card are the desired kind.

3.   Pretty Envelopes:

Basic Invite is as colorful with the envelopes as it’s with the invitations. Their customers have the option to choose from 40 beautiful shades, making sure the invite stands out before it is even opened! In addition to that, the envelopes can be securely closed with the peel and seal quality.

4.   Foil & Wood Invitations:

Want to mail a truly different and stylish invite? Try the amazing foil cards!

Foil cards are a special from Basic Invite, available in 3 attractive colors including gold, silver and rose gold. You also get to pick between raised and flat foil among all the outstanding design choices!

Alternatively, you can opt for a template from the Wood Collection, where you can get a white ink print on real wood! It’s a perfect pick for rustic settings or outdoor birthdays for adults!

5.   Special Cards:

Besides the lovely plain party invitations and creative artworks, Basic Invite offers unique milestone cards for different ages. There are marvelous choices for elders who still love to celebrate this special occasion, and you can always edit the age when designing!

Similarly, there are other templates available for special events like cute Sweet Sixteen invites,  Quinceañera cards & adorable 1st Birthday designs as well!

6.   Address Capturing Service:

Basic Invite offers a special address capturing service, which is quite remarkable! All you have to do is share a link on your preferred social media platform, asking for addresses from your family and friends.

This data is stored in your account, and whenever you have to send a custom invite, you can effortlessly click on the address. This useful tool saves plenty of precious time for customers, who are busy planning a perfect party!

7.   Helpful Customer Care:

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the hundreds of art pieces, colors and varieties, don’t get anxious! Efficient customer care is there to help you out!

On the main website, you can communicate with customer care through online chat while you proceed with your project. You can also email or call the representatives for complaints and queries!

8.   Coordinating Suite Items:

Lastly, Basic Invite carries matching suite items for coordination with your invites. These can include Thank You cards for guests and accessories that make your invitations even prettier!

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In conclusion:

Whether you’re looking for a 1st birthday card or masquerade birthday party invitations, Basic Invite should be on top of your list. With designs from plain colors to the most complex artworks, there’s always something for everyone at Basic Invite!

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