8 Best 8 Inch Tablet Options in 2021

Tablets are known for their portability, easy to use characteristics that can be carried on any occasion without any hassle. However, portability also comes with the capability of a tablet to deliver powerful performance along with a stylish dimension that looks good in the hand. Tablets vary in different sizes, platforms, operating systems offering full flexibility as per the requirement of the user.

However, factors such as price, performance, brand, and many other aesthetic elements play a great role in influencing the user’s decision when purchasing a tablet. Check out the review of the best 8 inch tablets to buy in 2020 with no regret.

Apple IPad Mini (5th Generation)

Without any denying, the fifth generation Ipad mini is the best hot 8 inch tablet to buy right now. With the inclusion of its powerful A12 processor, faster and efficient than all of its competitors, in addition to offering a vibrant and crisp 7.9 inch IPS display with a compact resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, makes it a reliable and suitable option. An in-depth analysis marks the Ipad of having an internal storage of 256gb added with 3gb of ram moreover, having a 4g LTE variant as well. Talking about its sleek design of just being 6.9mm thin, featuring a blazing fast touch ID fingerprint scanner plus having an oleophobic coated screen allows it to be used with the Apple Pencil that is great for web Design Company to craft creative and impressive layouts on their Ipad screens accordingly.

Huawei MediaPad M5 8

Laying hands down to the best android tablets shines the spotlight on the Huawei MediaPad M5, being one of the fastest Android tablets in the market. The hardware specs package comprises of a high pixel density screen with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels and an extremely powerful Hisilicon Kirin 960 octa-core processor. This beast is supported with a 4 GB ram and offers two variants having an internal storage of 32 GB and 128 GB respectively. Because of its hardware marks it as a very concrete tablet, however, not being faster than Ipad mini. Some highlighted premium features such as having commendable firing speakers, high build quality, sleek design, up to date Android 9.0 and an affordable price tag of under $350 makes it quite an affordable tech device to buy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 comes with its featured S-pen is a bit cheaper than the Huawei media pad M5 8, which acts as a good alternative to purchase. Its spec sheet states this Samsung tablet of not having a metal body, no fingerprint scanner, and a balanced processor, performance being on the lower side. However, it is one of the fewer android tablets to feature an active stylus as found in Samsung’s Note series. The Galaxy Tab A 8.0 provides us with an 8-inch IPS screen with a screen size resolution of 1920×1200 pixels added with a midrange Exynos 7885 SOC. Moreover, this tablet offers Android 9.0 out of the box, 3 GB ram, 4G LTE optional variant with a 32 GB internal memory.

Chuwi Hi9 Pro

The Chinese alternative Chuwi Hi9 pro is best known for being light on the pockets having a price tag of $150. However, it isn’t available at any retail outlet but has to be imported from china directly. The hi9 pro is affordable but we get a great screen size of 8.4 inches and has the same screen size resolution of 2560×1600 as the Huawei mediapad M5 has. This budget-friendly tablet also delivers a metal body, not the high end though and also weak in performance. It is good enough to run most apps and a game, however, makes it quite leggy to run high intensive games such as PUBG.

Lenovo Tab 4

The Lenovo tab 4 packed with a snapdragon 625, 4GB ram and android 7.1 nougat make the user experience smooth and fast. The Lenovo tab 4 might the best substitute for the nexus 7 device. However, its glass design from both front and back makes it aesthetically weak where a device fall will likely cause the glass to shatter, making it a vulnerable design issue. People who are battery freaks can take full advantage of this device that has a battery life of approximately 12 hours of continuous use. Finally, the Lenovo tab 4 doesn’t have the advantage of the USB C port to support fast charging, making it a balanced and affordable device for users to purchase.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Inch Cheap & Fast

The 8-inch tablet designed by Amazon delivers astounding performance at an affordable price with other competitor devices available in the market. The operating used in amazon software development company owns proprietary software Fire OS 5. The device comprises of an 8 inch HD screen combined with a quad-core processor. Virtual assistant Alexa is integrated into the device right out of the box that adds as a big bonus. Because of its amazingly low price of 79.99 US dollars proves to be a budget-friendly device than other devices out in the market.

Asus ZenPad S8

The Asus ZenPad s8 provides more of an entertainment system by having an integrated 2k IPS panel for users to have an immersive experience. The device is powered by the Intel Atom Z3530 quad-core processor, delivering decent benchmarks with no stutters or lags. The device can be powered by an on-screen time of 8 hours and even longer if casually used.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2

Most smartphone software services company place great emphasis on the appearance and designs of their tech devices. The Samsung galaxy tab Active 2 delivers some promising features of safeguarding the devices through its heavy-duty rubber ensuring great toughness against accidental drops. Moreover, it also has the ip68 rating preventing the device from water and dust resistant. Its amazing battery life is an attractive feature for most heavy powered users who can get an elongated battery use of about 11 hours at a continuous pace. The availability of the S-pen provides some added functionality of replacing the software keyboard to allow writing and drawing on the screen itself.

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