8 Fool-Proof Ways to Store Your Business’ Sensitive Data

The Internet changed how people access and store information. Being that this information is usually found on public servers, it’s likely to get lost in the shuffle or even stolen. If you haven’t backed up your company’s sensitive information, you’re at risk of losing it all without ever being able to retrieve it.

Here are eight fool-proof ways to securely store your company’s information to make sure you don’t find yourself in an unfortunate predicament.

Store it on an NSA Device

Image via Flickr by Robert Wetzlmayr

A network attached storage device is a server devoted to saving your data. Depending on the drive and your computer, the NSA can operate either wired or wirelessly. Once configured to your network, it displays as another drive on your computer (It’ll show up as an icon on your desktop or as a separate disk in “My Computer”).

Although it’s toward the more expensive side of the spectrum, it can back several computers up at once and automatically backs up your data with a “set and forget” feature.

Store it on an External or Portable Hard Drive