7 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks and Why People Avoid It

why_your_website_sucksAre you wondering why your website gets very little traffic in one month? Are you wondering why your bounce rate is so high? That’s probably because your website simply sucks. I don’t mean to offend you, as this is so common in many low-traffic websites. I will give you the reasons why people avoid your website and how you can correct your mistakes. Here are 7 reasons why your website sucks and why people avoid it:

1. You are delivering no value

Your website doesn’t give the visitors any value, and that’s why they avoid it (i. e. hit the close button as soon as they load your website). Look at your content. You have no valuable content to offer to your visitors. How can your visitors gain something from your website? In order to save their sanity, they choose to leave your website. Delivering value is important for any website. Therefore, writing good and quality content is essential.

2. Your website design sucks

There’s nothing such as oldie but goodie if it comes to website design. Do you expect people to read your website with design resembles those 90’s websites? It won’t give you any good. Clean, professional, and at least acceptable modern-day design is essential for your website success.

3. Advertisements in every place

Can you imagine how bad people will feel about your website if you place 2 pop-up ads, 3 pop-under ads, bunch of AdSense ads, text link ads, video ads, and image ads all in one website? People will rather find good information somewhere else. If you think that doing it will maximize your earning, you are wrong. Modest and highly targeted advertisements will give you better earning.

4. Your content is mixed

In other words, you place every kind of content into your website, which give your website no real identity (or theme). It can be understood that people will look at your website with a bad look simply because you’re trying to fit all kinds of content into your website. Unless your website is an article directory, I don’t think this approach will increase your traffic. It is better for you to take the right step. Create a website with one theme/topic in mind and create content strictly for that theme.

5. Search engines can’t see your website

It means that, you are neglecting the importance of SEO. It will ruin your website in the sea of other similar websites if you don’t take any effort to optimize the SEO aspect of your website. To prevent this problem, always do some keyword research before creating your content. SEO is important. However, don’t take it too heavily. Balance is more important. Keep your website aimed for the search engines as well as for your audience.

6. Old and outdated content

Websites on the internet are evolving every day. They evolve with content. They constantly produce new content every day. If you cannot keep with this routine, then your website will tend to fall in the crowd of fresher websites. Update your website daily, or if you are too busy, update it weekly. Consistent update is essential to engage more traffic to your website and attract more audience.

7. You abandon it completely

Like an abandoned house, your website will get old and rusty and ugly if you abandon it. But, this is the fact. Most of the low-traffic websites or websites that suck are abandoned by their owners. If you want to succeed with your website, keep maintaining it day by day, nurture it, and watch it grow like your little child.

Those are enough reasons to tell you why your website sucks and why people avoid it. Only by fixing your mistakes, you will be able to revive your website and start driving people to it. I’m sure that if you understand the reasons above and do something to fix it, people will not avoid your website. In fact, people will start flocking your website en masse.


Robert is fond of everything related to web design and the internet in general. He also works for wish.co.uk where you can get some useful ideas when it comes to choosing a gift for your loved ones.