7 IPhone Apps To Kick The Smoking Habit

By now, everyone knows the dangers of smoking and even those who are still struggling with the habit know that it is never a positive habit for them. While some people have managed to quit without much difficulty, for others it is a difficult day-to-day struggle. When you decide to quit smoking, anything that can truly help is welcome. With the popularity of smartphones today, people are turning to apps to help them on the journey to quit. There are several iPhone apps that are very popular and they are worth trying out if you are yearning to stop smoking.

  • SmokeTrack

This app takes a practical approach to smoking where it keeps count of the number of cigarettes you get through each day. Nothing will knock you into reality until you realize the number of cigarettes you burn through. The free app will help you to realize that you smoke more than you admit to yourself and others. When you see the number of cancer sticks you consume, you will not have to be convinced that it is a good idea to quit!

  • iQuit

This timer app will come in very handy when you are trying to quit smoking and cold turkey is not working for you. When the clock strikes, you are allowed one smoke and the time interval continues to increase until you get to your goal. The idea is to get you to reduce your smoking gradually. This free app appeals to those who do not believe they can just give it all up one day. The app can allow you to connect to your Facebook account, where you can get moral support from your friends and family.


  • Stop Smoking Free

This app works as a warning or deterrent and it will scare you into giving up the habit. This free app is not too fancy but what it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in persistence. By entering the day when you started smoking and the number of sticks you smoke every day, the app will tell you the number of years you have lost to smoking. If this does not scare you into quitting, you have a serious problem!

  • NoSmoking Life

While the previous app aims to scare you into quitting, ‘NoSmoking Life’ treads more softly as it attempts to convince you to quit smoking. The app informs you of the number of years you have gained in terms of life expectancy from the moment you decided to quit. You can also use this free app to add incentives that you can look forward to when you achieve important milestones.

  • Coach Quit

This app allows you to “quit slowly” by allowing you a daily ration. Those who fear the “cold turkey” approach will like this app, which allots a number of cigarettes each day. The app will, however, monitor the intake and steadily decrease the ration over time. The idea is to get you to reduce your usage until you quit altogether. The app also urges you to wait five minutes any time you get the urge to light up. This delay is supposed to give you the time to decide if you really want to go ahead and move one step closer to cancer.

  • Since iQuit

Smoking will do a lot of damage to your body, but it is also just as bad on your wallet. If you try to think about the amount of money you have spent on cigarettes, it will shock you into quitting. This is exactly what this app hopes to do as it keeps a log on the number of cigarettes you have smoked and tells you how much money you have saved since you made the decision to quit. This free app will help you to feel good about being healthy when you know that it also comes with a healthier bank account.

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  • My QuitLine

For most people, quitting smoking is a real battle against the mind and this app helps you to get in direct contact with experts from National Cancer Institute’s QuitLine service, who can talk you into quitting. The app is designed by prominent researchers and you can talk to someone who will encourage you to quit. If you prefer not to talk, you can choose to chat via SMS.

While the apps are useful and they help, it is important to use them alongside other cessation techniques. Nicotine replacement therapy in the form of electronic cigarettes and other treatments can help you to overcome this battle.

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