7 Best iPad Apps for Teachers

Teachers are at the heart of learning. No one can argue that. Yet, one can never really tell how much a teacher influence a child or a student, until a child or student reach the heights of success.

Helping teachers achieve their goals is therefore a worthy achievement. Herewith are 7 amazing iPad apps that can get a teacher ease the load off her/his back. Of course, needless to say there are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps out there. It’s just that these apps have been the most helpful – by experience – so far.

iPad Apps for TeachersSo let those sleek iPad keyboard cases out, so you may fully appreciate these apps like no other.

1. Haiku Deck (Free)

This is the smart way to make those slides on your iPad – granting you haven’t pledged your allegiance to Microsoft PowerPoint. Enjoy making private notes which you can then use as a teleprompter when on lecture. Very convenient.

2. Grade Book for Professors

Who says grades are what students see on paper has not seen Grade Book. With this app (which is incidentally available for Android), grades can easily be managed on your favei-tablet, emailed to students and synced to your Google Drive. The apps free, though a Pro version will cost you a few dollars. And if you’re really keen about attendance, check out the Attendance app from Android developers which makes checking absentees but a walk in the park.

3. Google Drive (Free)

If you want to go paperless, you need to make the most of Google Drive, a bastion of cloud-storage and auto file-syncing. It’s the best way to keep attune to those vital documents without having to carry all those paperwork around. And if it matters, printing these documents is but a tap away.

4. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard (Free)

This one makes that traditional whiteboard look old. Not only does this app record your handwriting, it records your voice as well, so lessons are easily remembered and easily stored. And when you want it, you can pull that video lesson out from any web browser – if you prefer not using your iPad. Neat.

5. EduBlogs (Free)

Here’s a blogging app that is designed for teachers. Get the word out and post updates to students. With this blogging tool, students get to pose questions which they may be uncomfortable to discuss in the four corners of a classroom. On the other side, a teacher can easily monitor or help a student’s pursuit of knowledge.

6. Edmodo (Free)

Now talk about an easy way to disseminate assignments and keep track of submissions. This full content management app utilizes threadlike discussion (i.e., Facebook) making it more interactive, thereby making that learning curve a lot shorter.

7. eClicker Presenter ($ 14.99, iOS)

This one puts the classroom into the 21st century. Get a chance to put interactivity into the next level. With this app, a teacher can easily create an interactive quiz, which students can answer via their own device using the eClicker Audience app. This app puts test papers to shame, truly.

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