6 Reasons to Have Your Own Domain Name


Seeing the frantic pace at which internet is growing, it is better to get your own domain name registered even before the need arises. The post elaborates on this thought and highlights the reasons why you must have your own domain name registered.


Internet is brimming with websites. From business website to information sharing websites to social media websites, all are present. These sits have all sorts of naming patterns and domain names to attract customers. Even after gazillion websites, there are desirable domain names up for grabs. Thus, some people look to avail such an opportunity to buy domain name for their business or other works.

From selfname.coms to singleword.coms, people want to hold on to such domain names–especially selfname ones because it is made of a person’s ‘first name’ and ‘last name’. There are various reasons for this; in this post we are listing the top 7 reasons to have your own domain name.


A site with own domain name makes it easy for internet users to access information. They just have to remember your name and enter it like, www.yourname.com. This eliminates the need to write it down and reasons to forgetting it.

Naming Rights

Similar to what logo, or brand name, or trade name brings to your business, your domain name too is a part of business identity. It is something that your customers and clients can relate to and remember easily. For instance, someone looking for Bigrock, just needs to enter www.bigrock.in and he will get to their website.

However, names are issued on first come first serve basis, so if you want to begin a business in future, then it is important to at least register your preferred domain name first to secure your naming rights. This will prevent others from using it. However, if your desired domain name is taken, then you can play with the words still keeping it normal or go for the alternatives offered by domain name providers.


As they say: “First impression is the last impression and you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, having a domain name of your company portrays a professional image of your business. It sends across a message in the market that you mean business here and are operating your business in a professional manner.


In future, changing your hosting service provider, or moving your business physical location can prove to be a hassle. Without your own domain name, the Internet address gets tied with that of the hosting service provider. Hence, when changing providers you will have to change your web address along with Email address.

Moreover, not having your domain name can make business cards, brochures, etc., void when changing service provider. You can avoid the hassle with your own domain name that gives you a permanent Internet address. Therefore, if you like change your service providers every month, but, yourname.com will always remain your address.

Escapes the Loss of Momentum

Promoting website takes lot of effort and listing the site on popular search engines can sometimes take months. With time these efforts bring results and help in building momentum. Thus, your site sees more traffic without additional marketing effort. However, not being able to take your web address with your when switching your host can result in much loss of this marketing momentum.

It Cannot Be Used Against You

In the hot headed and tech-savvy world of today, don’t leave things for chances. You never know when someone you pissed off in office can buy a domain name with your FirstnameLastname and make a site to disgrace you online. This makes having online presence with control so important.

In the End

Domain name registration is a vital step for every organization, whether or not owners feel the need to have online presence at the moment. As internet is growing at a phenomenal rate it won’t be long that even your business name or FirstnameLastname gets claimed by others, if you don’t register it.

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