5 Workflow Apps for your iPhone

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For the business professional whose entire life is constantly on the move, a standard task manager may not be enough. Sometimes you’ll need something that is beyond the conventional to-do list to keep your business mind clutter-free. And gladly, there are several apps available on the Apple App Store that can do just that.

So if you’re among the 15 to 20 million mobile workers or “road warriors” in the United States or globe-trotting business professionals who take an average of 6 to 7 business trips annually, here are five “workflow apps” that can help you get your job done even when you’re on the road:

1.       Eisenhower

Eisenhower is a time management solution that can be accessed through the web, your iPhone and other compatible Apple gadgets. Using the 4 Quadrants approach, this mobile app helps you prioritize and accomplish your to-dos according to their urgency and importance. Also, Eisenhower organizes your business and private tasks altogether, hence, enabling you to see the bigger picture.

2.       30/30

Dubbed as the “companion app”, 30/30 is a mobile workflow app engineered for gadgets running on iOS. It allows a user to set up a list of tasks and assign a length of time to accomplish each. It comes with a timer that can tell you if your time for a particular task is up and when to move on to the next.

3.       My Minutes

My Minutes is a personal time tracking app that can help iPhone users set goals for their time. This mobile app has features like time budgeting, repeating tasks, editable goals, motivational streaks, daily starters and running notifications. With My Minutes, you can set a minimum and maximum amount of time you intend to spend on a task, set days on which tasks repeat, change your goals once in a while, and get notifications on the status of your goals.

4.       Lift

Who says that busy business professionals can’t have a healthy lifestyle? Lift is a productivity app that is compatible with almost all Apple gadgets. Primarily used for fitness goals, Lift allows you to track and choose from 300,000 active habits, monitor and visualize your progress, get social support from family members, friends or colleagues and constantly challenge yourself to beat your best streak.

5.       QuestionUp

Finally, a mobile app tailored-fit for the bright and creative business professional! QuestionUp is an app that can help you concretize your project ideas or aspirations. With QuestionUp, you can brainstorm for professional and personal issues and test your ideas with tough questions that you are most likely to encounter along the way. You can also review your ideas, share and save it through email or your Evernote account.

Apple’s standalone smartphone didn’t come as the world’s top business phone for nothing. To say the least, iPhones, and other Apple tech gadgets, sure did revolutionize and forever changed the way we do things—personal or business. It doesn’t come as a surprise why start-up to Fortune 500 companies, as well as federal agencies, integrate iPhones with VoIP services like the RingCentral business VoIP or mobile VoIP for their communication system.

Today, there are over 700,000 mobile apps available for downloading from the iTunes App Store. Of which, at least 200,000 are productivity or business-oriented mobile apps. Those mentioned are only some of the “workflow” apps serious and dedicated business professionals can take interest in.