5 Ways to Make Money from Your Phone

Have too much spare time, but not enough spare cash? You might not have to get a second job after all. Turns out, you can use your phone to make money in several ways (no, not by running people’s credit cards with Square). Several applications exist which give you little, and occasionally big, ways to make cash here and there. Lets check out some of the best and easiest ways to quickly earn some dough from your phone.

1. MarketMinder


MarketMinder, an app by Fisher Investments,  finds all the most valuable information online and filters it down to only the best comments, research, headlines and global market updates. Though MarketMinder doesn’t actually let you invest through the app itself, it provides you with all the information you could ever want on investing. Phones offer a fantastic medium for investments, so it helps to have an app to make those decisions on the same device.


2. iBotta

iBotta works nicely into your routine. Using the app, you pick out items you already plan on buying, and it gives you tasks to complete dealing with the product. Tasks include reading a fact about the product for 25 cents, answering a question about it for 50 cents, or somewhere around a dollar for posting the items you buy on your Facebook page. They are small amounts, but they add up if you’re buying a lot of items. You do need to take a photo of each item you want to get paid for as proof-of-purchase.

3. GigWalk

Another app that can fit right into your schedule, GigWalk gives users real tasks or “gigs” to complete in your local area. Gigs can be anything from a simple task like taking a photograph, to more complicated and time-consuming tasks like mystery shopping trips. You’ll earn between $2 and $15 per gig, generally depending on how much time or effort required by the assigned task. Get high ratings on your work, and get promoted to the higher paying gigs; it’s kind of like a raise!

4. iPinion

iPinion pays you for simply filling out surveys. First, fill out your profile, which needs to include your name, birthday, address, gender, and employment status. You’ll find surveys on all kinds of things, including movies, technology, products, and specific research panels. Survey points go 100 for 1 dollar, but luckily you can earn up to 450 points per survey. The main drawback is that the surveys available to you depend on your profile, which might leave you with hardly any at all.

5. Viggle

Developers created this app for couch-potatoes and television lovers. With Viggle, you get paid simply for logging your television watching activities. When you log in, the app records the audio from the show you’re watching to identify the TV show. You’ll earn points regardless of what you watch, but Viggle gives incentive by offering more money for watching shows sponsored by Viggle. You can increase your cash flow further with Viggle by answering questions, answering polls, and especially by converting other users. And apparently, extra bonuses exist for DirecTv customers.

Next time you’re feeling unproductive, download one of these apps and start making money!

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