5 ways to increase traffic to your business website

Having a website doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get a lot of traffic. When a business’s website doesn’t have good traffic levels, this can affect its profit margins, especially as not many people will purchase items from your webshop. To increase traffic levels for your website, here is how it can be done.

Utilise SEO content

When your website uses keywords sparingly, its positioning on search engines can improve. If a website doesn’t have a high search ranking, your website won’t be noticed. Web experts believe that after the third page of search results, web users don’t continue looking. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content can include the keywords which your business should be associated with. In order to adhere with Google’s Penguin update, keywords should not be overused. If keywords feature too often, Google will classify your website as junk. However, when keywords appear sparingly, it can have a high search ranking and its traffic levels can improve too.

Embrace social media

It is rare if a business doesn’t have an account on Facebook. Personal content must not be on a business’s Facebook account because it should only contain information which is pertinent to your company. As well as details of your website, information about services or products that you provide could be posted on Facebook.

A business should also have a Twitter and LinkedIn account. A business’s Twitter profile page could include its website address. As tweets can be visible on a business’s Facebook account, there is twice the chance that they will be read by a greater audience because tweets have appeared on two social media websites and not just one. LinkedIn is also a very helpful social media website, especially as you can make contacts with other businesses. As your circle grows on LinkedIn, there is a greater opportunity for your website to have better traffic levels. This is because any new connections could introduce you to other people that can increase traffic further and boost sales.

Update your website regularly

If your website doesn’t frequently post content, this can affect how much traffic it gets. Web users might believe that your website is stale and your positioning on a search engine can be very low because there is no new content which they can search for. Even if a brand new blog post is written twice a week, this can increase traffic levels because web users will have something new which they can find.

Identify the pages which are affecting your bounce rate

There might be many pages on your website which are increasing your bounce rate. By searching on Google Analytics for the pages which are making web users leave your site as soon as they enter it, you could improve their content. Such pages might not have enticing images or it might be poorly designed. When all pages have the potential to impress, the bounce rate of your website can improve.

Include a video along with new content

Many web users now want to watch videos and not just read articles on a website. By making a short video and loading it onto your website along with a new article, it could have higher traffic levels because it is from another source. Although you could hire a professional video production company to shoot and edit a video, you can make one on your smartphone and post it onto your website.