5 Ways a Great Link Building Plan Can Boost Your Traffic and Sales

The landscape of SEO and link building is always in flux, which makes it difficult for companies to stay on top of the latest strategies. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of increasing your search rankings through the building of high-quality links. Recent data released by Trend Statistics estimates that the number of links to a specific page comprises more than 22 percent of Google’s current ranking algorithm. To compete online, you need to start implementing high-quality link building campaigns into your digital marketing strategy. Here are five ways an excellent link building plan can boost your traffic and sales.

Higher Domain and Page Authority

One of the most significant considerations that Google uses when determining which pages to rank for a given query, is the quality and quantity of inbound links to the page. The number of relevant links that point back to your domain determines a significant portion of your domain authority. This means that the more invested you are in the quality of your link building, the higher propensity your website pages will have to rank in organic search results. Which is essential when you consider that 51 percent of all traffic comes from organic searches, according to the site Search Engine Journal.

Building Referral Traffic

The links that you build, exist indefinitely and can be clicked on by readers forever. If someone who is reading your content wants to learn more about the topic, they can follow the link and get back to your site quickly. As your link building strategy gets more in-depth, you may find that you get more referral traffic this way than you earn through higher rankings.

Increased Brand Visibility

Every time you utilize a blogger outreach service and reach out to new sources for guest posting opportunities the more exposure you gain for your brand. These kinds of publishing sources are always looking for new content to share with their audiences, and by teaming up with them, you’ll not only be doing them a favor, but you’ll also be obtaining free advertising with a new audience. More visibility leads to a higher chance of earning direct traffic in the future.

Increased Brand Authority

Linking building is the perfect excuse to post as a thought leader in your market. Readers will gradually see you as an authority on the subject when you publish strong, opinionated, and thoroughly researched content that is relevant to your business. This can lead to an increase in referral traffic and boost your conversion rates.

Exposure to Other Industry Authorities

Guest blogging can also provide you with content from the highest profile publishers in your industry. This also allows you to read what others are writing and you might even attract some influencers to guest post on your website. What does this mean? Free content for your site and a more significant connection with your audience and industry.

If your company can benefit from greater brand recognition, more search visibility, and more traffic, you need to get started developing a link building campaign today. By framing your links in, valuable and relevant content you shouldn’t have an issue earning the recurring return of these link building benefits.