How to Use the 5 Types of Social Media to Boost Your Business Profile and Sales

Almost everyone who knows how to use the internet effectively today is now a member of one social media site or the other. Just as everyone is becoming a fan to one English football club or the other, so is everyone who knows how to browse the net fast becoming a fan at some particular social media site. This is not only limited to surfers alone, even websites and blogs are fast becoming fans and members of other social media sites themselves. That is why you could easily visit the social profile pages of your favorite websites on facebook and twitter among others through promotional links on such websites. What then is the social and economic importance of social media websites?

Social media websites or even blogs provide an interactive platform through which members or followers of a website/business could easily interact among themselves to share ideas and opinions, process photo and video files, while also forming a group or community through which a particular business or idea could be discussed. Members could ask salient questions and other knowledgeable members (whom they may have added as friends) could give real answers to such questions. But beyond this, major businesses use their social media presence to address business queries which their customers ask, while using the avenue to manage their public relations and boost real product sales on a global scale. What then are the social media sites you could join as a person or allow your company to join to consolidate on your sales efforts while keeping a happy-customers base?

To answer this, it must be highlighted that there are about 5 classifications of social media sites. There are social networking sites like Facebook, Hi5, Google+ among others that allow you to share videos and photos, add friends and post public and private comments on topical discussions. There are social photos and video sharing sites like YouTube and Flixter which allow you to post private and business photos or video for social and business reasons among members. There are social news interactive sites like Reddit, Dig and Propeller which allow you to meet with other fans and post comments on their news articles. There are also social bookmarking sites like, Simpy and even Blinklist which enable users to tag their favorite websites and also use other websites and blogs bookmarked by other users.

Do you maintain a business profile on any of these social media sites? It might be a great move if you want to boost your sales revenue or even convert your visitors to customers. It will also be a great forum for you to meet your customers one-on-one and address their product needs, while you would do well to use these public resources to not only improve on your public image, but to also implant your product brands into the minds of customers, followers and added friends/contacts alike. What are you waiting for, move your business to the next level by riding on social ladders.