5 Tips To Promote Your Business through Google Plus

It has been hardly 8 months and Google plus has already established its mark in the web world. With many estimating that by the end of 2012, Google plus will have more than 400 million users, it is all set to give tough competition to Facebook. This may be bad news for Mr. Zuckerberg, but for those who own a small or even big business, it is the right time to take some action and make your presence felt in Google plus. Following are some tips to promote your business through Google Plus:

Create A Google Plus Page For Your Business: 
Google Plus page makes it easy to advertise your business and makes it accessible to a wider range of public Hence it would be a good idea to go ahead and create one for your business. Creating a Google plus page for your business is quite easy and will take hardly 5-10 minutes. You can use the Google plus page as your business website in case you donít have one (or cannot afford one) or to get more options. Also once youíve created it you can share Your Google plus page on Google plus stream and on other networking sites or even in your business card. Don’t forget to add a eye catching image and update the page regularly.













Create Circles: 
Google plus comes with the feature to create or edit circles and add people according to your preference. Google Circles can help you in many ways. You can share different posts or media with different circles by creating a post and adding the appropriate circle and then post it. You can create the circles and add people based on their interests and relation with you. For instance, you can create separate circles for your suppliers, associates and major clients. Now, just compose a post on what raw materials your company will need and share it with suppliers. Similarly you can create posts for your associates, co-workers and clients and share with them separately.






Create Hangouts:
With the Google Plus Hangout, you can host a web conference with both audio and video. Unlike Skype, you can talk with as many as 10 people simultaneously and use it to promote your business to your client or hold conference with fellow associates. This will provide your business with a more professional look and garner more interest from your associates and customers. You can create virtual conference and include your co-workers to discuss on your companyís policy or have a chat with your client and better understand their needs.









Use Google Streaming: 
You can use the google streaming for updating your clients and attract more people to your business. Just keep updating your stream with new products, season discounts, and every other information which you think might be helpful to woo your customers. Also occasionally share entertaining and fun stuffs just in case people get bored with the same promotional posts.









Create A Google Plus Badge For Your Business Website:
If you donít have a website, get it now! In simple words, if you have a website then you can reach to a larger base and make your presence felt. Also having a website makes the business look more authentic and large. Now, adding a Google badge to your website will provide the option for your visitors to share your website with their circle of friends simply by clicking on the +1 icon. This is far more effective than people actually sharing your website links which in most of the case, doesn’t happen.






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