5 Guaranteed Ideas to Overcome Bounce Rate of Your Blog

Bloggers are usually always having a close look on their traffic toward blogs, they are involve in all of the activities those can generate healthy traffic to their blogs. Of course unique content and utilizing all the SEO tactics to improve blogs visibility are the best practices but it’s not all rather bloggers should do beyond than what usual practices are doing by number of bloggers.

After some reasonable work put up by bloggers towards generating traffic, the next thing is really concerning for the bloggers is to keep engage the traffic on their website and to overcome the bounce rate of the overall traffic so that visitors don’t look around to other sources and stay maximum they can to your blogs. Here are some tips to stick your visitors to your blogs for longer so that they come back to your blog so often.

Easy Navigation: Using simplest navigation is the one of the potential practice to engage visitors to your blogs, use the clear and simple way of navigation so that the users can access to any page/post they want easily. Using “Related Posts” or “You might like it” plugins are very useful ways in order to stick visitors to your blogs.

Use KISS “Keep It Simple Silly” Method: Always write up with simple and easy to understand wording for your blogs viewers, complexity of the words can take your visitors away of your blogs since the visitors that you are expecting to your blogs can be from any part of word and region so don’t let them use dictionary to find out the meaning of complex words.

Don’t be Boring: Always include interesting stuffs in your blogs, making your blogs to the visitors like they are reading story based articles are best practices for the bloggers. Using interesting idioms and sentences which could mark the remembrance about your blogs are effective way of blogging. Use interesting navigation (Not Complex) is also a good way to stay your visitors happy to stay at your blogs.

Make it look attractive: Avoid messy stuff over your blogs, make your blog clean so that visitors can easily navigate your blog. Use attractive pictures or the pictures that give some potential message behind any post is the best practices to keep involving visitors. Popup advertisement can damage credibility of your blogs and could cause the heavy bounce rate of your visitors

Get socialized: it’s the word of social sharing, you cannot even think about your blog success by leaving behind the factors of social media sharing. Create social pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc invite your visitors to stay tuned to you over these social media websites. Putting up social sharing button for visitors to share your post/articles among the friends and family is very potential way and symbol of success of any blog.

Implementations of the above factors in your blogs would dramatically overcome the bounce rate of your blog and would generate your fan club over the web.

Happy Blogging 🙂