5 Tips for Creating Better Web Content

web-content-writingPublishing website content can be difficult. You need to walk the fine line between what the search engines want and what your human readers want. It isn’t always easy to balance those two things well, but it is possible if you know what you’re doing.

1. Pick Keywords and Use Them Wisely

Neither Google nor your readers will be impressed with over use of keywords. If a keyword is too awkward, it may not be worth using in your content. You want to write in a way that will draw the reader in and be easy to understand. Working the keywords into the content should be natural.

You can optimize your website in several ways, so the content does not need to be loaded with keywords. Find the best hosting company on a review site and then buy a domain name with your top keywords in it. Learn everything you can about the new world of SEO and make sure you put your knowledge to use.

2. Make it Actionable

Don’t just tell your readers something, tell them what to do with the information you just gave them. How can the content help them? Many people read web content because they are looking for a solution to a problem.

A good example would be a post on starting a business. Telling people that running their own business is the best way to get rich doesn’t help them at all. You need to tell them exactly how to go about doing it. What is the first step that they should take? What things should they consider as they write a business plan? Give them a way to utilize what you are telling them.

3. Mix It Up

Don’t stick to just written content. Use photos, videos and even audio files to spice things up. Not everyone appreciates having to read to absorb information. Some people can understand things better when they are shown how to do it through video. By providing various types of content, you’ll reach more people. You can even mix media within an article, providing text, video and photos.

4. Keep it Simple

No one reads huge missives on the Internet. Screens are tough to look at for long, so your articles need to stick to the point. You can often eliminate quite a bit of fluff from your writing. It is worth going back over your work to edit it for clarity and focus. Eliminate anything that doesn’t inform. Your readers will appreciate it.

5. Keep It Fresh

Web content can become dated and old over time, so update it from time to time. A blog is actually one of the best ways to reach your audience regularly and to encourage visitors. If you post frequently, you’ll see better rankings in Google and more traffic. It can be tough to add new posts all the time, but you can also outsource this task.

Even if you have a website instead of a blog, you’ll need to make sure the information found there is up to date.

Create content that is actionable and well written. There’s no need to complicate things. People like to read simple, useful articles online, so make sure you give them just what they want.

Gavin Carter is a professional copywriter. He loves to share his best tips on content marketing blogs. For a hosting review service, visit the www.VirtualHosting.com website.