5 Technologies That Won’t Mean Anything to Business in the Future

Picture the business world 15 to 20 years ago. The technological landscape has changed drastically since then, and continues to do so at a landslide pace. The recent emergence of widely affordable tablet PCs and other wireless gadgets have opened the door to new options for communication that were never considered before. Here are five technologies that businesses will have no use for in the future.

The Computer as we Know It


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Businesses will always have a use for computers in some form or another, but the way things are going, it looks like tablet PCs, smart phones, and e-readers will be fulfilling all of the duties standard desktops used to be responsible for in no time. You can bet that investors, such as Angel Investor Steve Spinner, will be willing to finance future tech projects in hopes of funding the next big thing.

The days of employees plugging away at traditional desktop computers in a sea of cubicles are numbered. Before you know it, most people will be telecommuting, and those who don’t will see a radical change in their office setup.

Hard Drives

Hard Drives

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Before too long, all the storage needs of businesses will be met by cloud-based systems and SSDs. They are pretty expensive right now, but if the trend of new technology becoming more cost effective the longer it’s on the market is any indication, these ones will be used everywhere in no time. There will simply not be a need for this whirring component in years to come.

Landline Phones

Landline Phones

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The emergence of the cell phone marked the imminent demise of landlines everywhere. Companies are already providing employees with mobile phones for work purposes, so it’s only a matter of time before they drop land lines entirely. Mobile phone plans are more customizable and convenient than landlines. You’ll be making appointments and follow-up calls on smartphones in the office before you know it.

Ethernet Cables

Ethernet Cables

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Think about the way mobile phone carriers and internet providers are offering wireless internet service these days. Everything is moving toward faster, more dependable, wireless connections. The need to connect to the internet via physical measures will be widely obsolete within the next five to ten years without a doubt. Wi-Fi still has quite a ways to go if it’s going to replace ethernet cable, but eventually, it’ll happen.

The Mouse


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This one is fading out alongside the computer. As computers and printers make way for tablets and coud-based storage systems, so will the mouse as we know it. New technology will undoubtedly include capacitive touch capability on all screens as a standard practice, just as the keyboard and mouse were standard tagalongs to traditional computers in their heyday.

Of course, all predictions are open to industry changes. It’s impossible to know exactly what the future will bring. One thing’s for sure: nothing ever stays the same. That’s especially true in the world of technology.

Author Bio:

Annie Davis is a freelance writer from Tampa, Fl. Her hobbies aside from writing include riding her bike, walking her dogs and watching sports.

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