5 Reasons Why Your Boss is using a Mobile Phone Spyware on You

One of the latest online business management strategies is using the famous ‘Omnichannel’ (which many also spell asomni-channel). This is a multichannel tactic and facilitates sales by providing customersa seamless shopping experience. Regardless of whether the customer shops online using a desktop or mobile device, by cell phone or goes to a physical store.Using cell phones has become an important part of everyone’s life, worldwide, which explains why omnichannel is growing rapidly. However, while businesses are using new strategies to manage their growing business, they are also turning towards the use of various monitoring technologies, like mobile phone spyware, to maintain data security to protect their business secrets from snooping competitors.

Challenges of a Business

You may have read about the “5 Trends to watch out for in Supply Chain Management 2016”, and how using some of the latest technological developments facilitate business management. According to this article, big data does have great potential for business growth, just as supply chains. The sooner businesses can collect data from vendors, the sooner they can manage operations and maintain logistics to make shipping and transportation efficient. Only companies that take advantage of collaborative solutions succeed in the competition. Yes, there are risks, but business owners must be willing to adopt new methods of risk management and methods to control losses. Using a mobile spyware to monitor employees is also a new and highly recommendable strategy.

Team Members are a Fundamental Part of Business

There is no doubt that the work team also plays an important part in running a business. The success and downfall of a business depend on employees and their allegiance. Competitors are constantly waiting for an opportunity to use company weaknesses to win the race to success. If disgruntled or eavesdropping employees decide to leak sensitive secrets or data, the company can meet its end too soon. Business owners cannot stop employees from disclosing secrets, but the least they can do is boost up monitoring by using various technologiesto make sure that company secrets remain undisclosed. This is why; many successful businesses are using the latest techniquesor apps such as XNSPY, WebWatcher, etc., to monitor their employees.

What is Your Boss Monitoring?

The most important question that many employees ask is why their bosses would want to use a mobile phone spyware on them. They need a spyware for the following reasons:

  1. They want to screen your text messages – The quickest and safest way for employees who are leaking sensitive company information is via text messages. They can send messages to anyone and delete any trace of it from their cell phone. However, when companies issue a cell phone with a monitoring app installed on it, they can see entire threads of conversations the employees have with their contacts.
  2. They want to know whom you speak with – Employers can also see whom their employees talk to via text messages, calls and internet messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. Monitoring apps have the ability to alert the employer whenever a watch-listed contact on the target’s cell phone contacts them or using watch-listed words that can raise concerns. They can also see if their target employee has been in calls via these apps and listen to conversations.
  3. They want to monitor your emails–Most of the cases reported for espionage involve the use of emails (Gmail to be specific). That is because emails are the safest and most private means of sharing sensitive company secrets. Employers can screen the emails their employees send to their contact whenever they want. They can also receive alerts whenever watch-listed contacts communicate with the employee and monitor whatever information is entering and leaving the Gmail account.
  4. They want to know your whereabouts – Some businesses require knowing the exact location of employees so that the team can coordinate and manage resources like fuel moderately to cut costs. For example, cab business owners can use GPS tracking and Geofencing to make sure that their team gets to the nearest customer in good time. With Xnspy and similar apps that offer this feature, business owners keep track of their employees around the clock.
  5. They want to make sure you work diligently without wasting time online–Last, but not the least; employers are always concerned about workplace efficiency. They do not like seeing their workers spending idle time browsing the web. They want accountability and increased productivity at work. Therefore, they use mobile phone spyware to keep a check on internet usage and browsing history on the cell phone.

Overall, employers who have been using monitoring technologies and apps have seen marked improvement in business. They prevent foreseen threats to the integrity and secrets of their company and eliminate them in good time.