5 Reasons Law Firms Should Have a Blog

Many lawyers are keen on including a blog on their websites. Yet, many find it not a good idea. At best, those attorneys can’t find time for blogging. At worst, they find that blogging is useless or “cheesy.” If you have such an opinion on blogging, this post should undeceive you.

Here are top 5 reasons why blogging is beneficial to law firms.

1. Higher Chance of Reaching to New Clients

When running section of firm news, FAQs, and fresh articles relevant to your business, your potential clients are more likely to find you on the Internet. That’s why you should predict what your potential clients search for when they need a legal service or have law-related questions.

Let’s say a potential client is in need of personal injury lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee. He or she is highly likely to type into Google the things like “Memphis personal injury lawyer,” “Best Memphis personal injury lawyers,” or “Reviews for Memphis personal injury lawyers.”

With relevant content on your blog, you will be capable of covering this territory. That doesn’t only involve your testimonial pages, practice area pages, lawyer biographies, and so on. You also need to include some great blog topics for these queries. The more relevant info and articles on your site, the more new customers will find their ways to you.

2. Search Engines Love the Quality Content

It turned out that content quantity and quality is one of the most important determinants when it comes to search engine rankings. Search engines tend to reward websites with plenty of new, relevant content by providing them with the best info in response to a search query.   With a good law firm SEO marketing and the quality content, your site is more likely to draw the attention of search engines.

3. Blogging Improves Service and Saves Time

When writing content that addresses your clients’ concerns, you get an easy and quick resource to find out when these topics reach new people. No need to conduct a long discussion or craft lengthy emails on these topics. Just share the link and save time.

4. It Lets You Display Engagement and Expertise

Aside from a search engine value, the posts with your legal commentary also have a great impact on marketing. When potential clients or referrals visit your site, they see the expertise of your law firm as well as your engagement in services they are looking for. Such a personal connection allows the readers to get a feel for how the cooperation with you looks like.

5. It Lets You Publish Cases Won, Awards, and Firm News

Another big advantage of owning a blog for law firms is that it allows for publishing cases won, awards, and firm news on a regular basis. In fact, the blog allows you to run a regularly-updated prominent section on your site that showcases important happenings and firm successes.

Whenever a lawyer is mentioned in the media, wins an award, or joins a local community board, you can announce these happenings on your blog. That will give your site a dynamic presence and reflect well on your law firm as well.

For all these reasons, law firms have no genuine excuse to avoid blogging. Remember that a relevant, fresh content is a key piece of any successful site.

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