5 of the Very Best Smart Phone Weight Conversion Apps Today

Boman Rustom IraniHere are 5 smart phone apps to convert weights. As you might expect, most of these programs can do a lot more than just calculate weights. A lot of them are complete unit converters.

Simple Converter

This is a weight conversion app for Android. As the name suggests, it is basic but very useful nonetheless. Once you load the program, you will see its clean interface. There are buttons for square ft, square yards, sq m, acres and sq mi, and of course different weights. All in all there are half a dozen categories to choose from.



All of the categories can be accessed with one button. The categories are numbers, weight, temperature, volume, length and area. A nice feature of Simple Converter is you can swipe the fields left and right. There is decimal support as well.

Asif Converter Pro

This is the professional version of Asif’s Converter. There is a mass/weight converter which can be used for calculating a variety of units. Asif Converter Pro has a streamlined interface. The emphasis is on usefulness, so you will only find the most frequently used conversions here.

Apart from weight conversions, you can convert length, temperature, volume, speed and energy. You will also find its conversion for bytes, bits, fuel and time very handy. There is even a cool bandwidth converter built-in. This app is for Android phones.

Weight Converter Free

If you are looking for one of the 5 smart phone apps to convert weights, Weight Converter Free for Windows Phone 7 is a good choice. It has a very basic screen. You will see that it converts in the following manner: kilogram (kg), gram (g), milligram (mg), ton (t), short ton (sh. tn.), quarter (qtr), pound (lb) and ounce (oz). The app also has support for lesser known units like hundredweight (cwt), dram (dr) and zentner (ztr).

Zestech Weight Conversion

This is another no-frills conversion app for the iPhone. It will allow you to convert pounds (lbs) to ounces (oz) or back. You can also use it to convert kilograms (kgs) to grams (g) and vice versa. The app is very simple to use. Once you load it up, you just need to enter the figures you want to compute. Many users will appreciate the fact that it displays large numbers.

You just need to scroll the numbers to choose the weight you want to convert. It doesn’t have as many features as other conversion units but if you are looking for a fast basic weight calculator for the iPhone, this is a good one. It is also compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad.

Best Unit Converter

Developed by S&J, Best Unit Converter is aimed at users who want a simple but effective converter. It has support for weight conversions and over 15 other conversions. While there are a lot of functions, the interface makes it easy to choose a unit. Currently the program handles conversions of length, area, temperature and volume. It can also convert data, luminance, power, density, time, force and pressure.

While these are 5 smart phone apps to convert weights, there are plenty more to choose from. Some are free, while others require you to pay. But even the paid apps are cheap. Some of them cost no more than a couple of dollars. Even the paid ones are usually free to try, so you have nothing to lose.

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