5 Movies that Demonstrate the Power of Blu-ray

I’m going to say this once and only once: there is nothing better on the market, when it comes to a home theatre experience, than a great movie on Blu-ray. Yes, I understand that some companies fail to take pride in their work and release sub-standard entertainment. Unfortunately, there are companies who don’t fully understand the power of viewing perfection when it comes to this premium technology.

Don’t lose hope! There are still many companies who believe in providing the highest quality experience possible, and I want to share my top five favorite movies with you. These are the films that prove once and for all, that Blu-ray is the only route to go if you want to have that wow experience every time.


The Dark Knight

I’m a huge Batman fan, which is why I sought out this film the moment it was available. However, this film was, for the most part, shot in IMAX, which means the negatives are bigger than standard film. Translation: there’s a ton of detail that you won’t want to miss. The clarity and sharpness make for sheer viewing bliss. There’s so much detail, it just might frighten you. What you’ll notice is the crystal clear scenes that are supposed to be shot in darkness with intense shadow details. Oh, and take particular notice of the big rig that gets flipped; another reason why Dolby 5:1 is a must for home entertainment enthusiasts. You may find yourself hitting the floor as the bullets start flying. Trust me on this one—check it out.


Live Free or Die Hard

Who doesn’t love a Bruce Willis movie, especially when it comes to the last installment of the “Die Hard” series? This is a must see on Blu-ray, mainly for the realistic, heart-pounding overload you’ll get once you hit play. Be prepared to flinch and duck as well as share John McClane’s pain as he swings from moving trucks, crashes, jumps and best of all, kicks butt.


The Fifth Element

This movie might not have been a smash at the box office, but it tops my charts for visual brilliance and amazing sound. Again, Bruce Willis takes us on a journey that kicks into overdrive, especially in a cab scene that may leave you soiling your pants. Dashing through hundreds of flying vehicles will certainly grab your attention in Blu-ray. Don’t pay any attention to the plot; just go along for the ride. You’ll love the aliens, the fabulous music and a fast paced slug-fest with Mila Jovovich.



I know this isn’t a single movie, but if you want an experience to remember and to see just how good your system is, try these in a marathon. It’s a HD version of the films and the sound has been upgraded to the 5.1 lossless for that extra spine-chilling experience to make you scream. You’ll be happy to know that the Blu-ray comes with many extras; the first of which being the 4K resolution. Bottom line: if you enjoyed the original films, watching them in Blu-ray will be a whole new level of terror.


The Lord of the Rings

Again this one isn’t a single movie, but a single adventure. You cannot judge your system until you have viewed this epic story first hand. To start off, this isn’t the theatrical version of the movies, but the extended versions. I’m talking about 11 hours of immersion into Middle Earth, which includes another breathtaking 26 hours of special features! No, these features aren’t new but in Blu-ray, trust me, you won’t care. Peter Jackson, who you know is a stickler for detail, watched over this whole remastering process, personally. The adventures of Frodo Baggins have never looked so real, or so good.

So there you have it—my personal recommendations for the top five Blu-ray experiences. Take the time to do your research when buying Blu-ray flicks. Read the reviews and recommendations, it’ll save you time, money and significantly increase your appreciation for the very best in home entertainment. Have fun!


 Do you have a favorite Blu-ray? Let me know via Twitter, or by commenting below.

Tagg is a TV enthusiast and writes on behalf of CableTV.com – home of XFINITY TV Deals. He typically writes about technology and entertainment. When he’s not writing, he’s an avid soccer player and home theater junkie. You can follow him on Twitter. @CableTVcom