5 MacBook Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Your MacBook is perfect for convenience and power. It’s full of unique features–some you may not even know about. If you’re ready to take your mastery of your MacBook to the next level, check out the top tips and tricks below.

  1. Use Spotlight for More Than Search

Spotlight is a great tool for easily locating files, but it’s full of other capabilities. You can use it as a calculator and currency converter. Next time you have to do anything math related, use Spotlight.

  1. Access the Emoji Keyboard

Next time you’re sending an email, tweet, or iMessage, hit Command + Control + Spacebar. This will pull up the emoji keyboard so no one will even know that you’re not using your phone!

     3. Optimize Your Storage

If your MacBook has MacOS Sierra, opening up more storage is easy. Click “About this Mac,” “Storage,” then “Manage.” You can then click “Review files” and pick a category to see what files are taking up the most room.

  1. Quickly Access Display and Sound Settings 

Next time you need to adjust your brightness, screen resolution, or turn on Night Shift, you don’t have to click through System Preferences. Just press Option and either of your brightness buttons to immediately launch Display settings. The same works for Sound settings–just press Option and one of the volume buttons to open sound settings.

  1. Continuity 

If you have any iOS or WatchOS devices with the same iCloud account, you can perform features seamlessly between them and your MacBook. You can copy and paste and share files between devices.


Start using these tricks to operate your MacBook with even more efficiency. If you’re looking for the best place to buy a Mac, stop by a MelroseMAC location or contact us online. We sell Apple products as well as an assortment of useful MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air accessories.