5 IOS apps to protect your data

Our smart phones have become our primary data source in all sense of the word.  Whether for personal or business use, we store and use the majority of our content from our smart phones or notepad.  Apple has set the industry standard for mobile devices with its iphone and ipads.  These devices are are equipt with the most secure operating system in the industry.  Apple’s IOS is so secure that it has lent its users to become complacent about securing their personal data. The IOS is by the far the most secure operating system out there, but not immune for data recovery.  The security threats to your data arise when you connect to the Internet and install Third Party Apps on your iphone or ipad.

What do I mean by this, whenever you connect to the internet to download anything on your computer, you are opening you device up to third party malware that are used to steal your information.  .  There are several apps available to protect you IOS device, however, your first line of the defence is the device’s built in security features, those should be enabled.  For example auto lock and passcode lock.  Also don’t paste your passwords and confidential information in notes app on iPhone. These are some security tips to protect your data. Let’s have a look at the apps which adds security to your iPhone. For example

Intego VirusBarrier

Mac-security firm Intego’s VirusBarrier application scans the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for malicious content. Unlike comparable Android products, the VirusBarrier application scans only files downloaded onto the device, such as email attachments and files downloaded from the Web. The sandbox technology used in iOS prevents VirusBarrier from being able to see what other applications are doing.

 Lookout Mobile Security

The iPhone offering from Lookout Mobile Security is different from its Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile counterparts. While Lookout still hasn’t added an anti-malware component to the iOS application, it does warn about unsecured networks. This iPhone application checks for the latest version of the iOS, whether the device has been jailbroken, backs up data, allows users to track lost or stolen devices, remotely wipes data on lost devices and warns about location-tracking services

 McAfee WaveSecure iOS Edition

Like Lookout’s security application, McAfee also chose not to have an anti-malware component in its security tool for the iOS. With WaveSecure iOS Edition, users can back up personal data, but not the calendar or call history, to a Web portal where it is available for data restoration. It can also remotely lock a lost or stolen phone to protect the data. It is available in the App Store for $19.99


GadgeTrak can take a picture of the person using the device and email it to the registered address on file, letting users find out who may have their phone. The Web-based service tricks thieves into sending location data to GadgetTrak servers to identify where an iPhone is. The application can also be turned on remotely, so it doesn’t need to be running until the phone is actually lost.

 Firewall iP

Firewall iP provides firewall features such as blocking outgoing connections on the jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The application will also raise an alert if an application or another service is trying to communicate with an outside, third-party server. Similar to the LittleSnitch personal firewall for the Mac OS X, Firewall iP allows users to create policies, block connections for applications when on the cellular network, and block certain types of content. The application is available on the Cydia alternative application store.