5 Gadgets Every Caravan Owner Needs

Every year, millions of people in the UK go on caravan camping holidays. It is a chance to see the great outdoors without sacrificing too many personal luxuries that keep us at home most of the time.

As most of the luxuries of today are electronics and gadgets, your caravan needs to be equipped to the same standard as your home. For those who wish to planning a caravan trip for the whole family and want to get as much out of their trip as possible, stocking up on essential personal electronics is a necessary preparation.

The following five gadgets are vital inclusions of any holiday bag and could prove invaluable on any trip:

1.      Portable Power Supplies

The deeper into nature you take the family, the weaker your ability to keep a laptop or a tablet running will become. Keeping the electrical supply running in the middle of nowhere is the most important thing to consider as your safety may depend on it. In this case you will need adequate portable power supplies to take care of keeping things running when there is no direct source to a mainline electricity supply.

Generators are the most common power units but when you are travelling from place to place you may not have the time or space on board the caravan to set one up. In this case the Power Inverter would be the next logical choice. The inverter acts as a large battery that has a standard wall socket output. You should be able to run all of your other gadgets from it – making it a great investment.

2.      Solar and Wind

The previous power generation gadgets may be the easiest and most efficient to use, but having solar panels and wind turbines installed on your caravan could save you money and stop you from running out of electricity. Solar and wind energy is free and infinite – making your decision as environmentally beneficial as it is financially lucrative.

Other power sources will eventually run out; often without the means of replenishment. Having both the environmental and the regular generators will ensure your power supply will not be at risk of cutting out when you need it most.

3.      LED Strip Lights    

If you are holidaying outside of a caravan park, then lighting the outside of your caravan becomes essential as stairs become more dangerous. Strip lighting has the advantage of being hidden into panels and can be placed almost everywhere.

There are aesthetic considerations to consider with these lights as well; as one of the rules of exterior design is that well lit objects are generally more attractive.

4.      Nord Elettronica Solar Panel

Caravans come equipped with a hidden panel of power switches as standard; however having a spare panel is an essential gadget as each function on your van is vital. The original panel will be very attractive to children wishing to play with it and it is not always possible to stop them. In the event of something breaking on the panel, it is handy to have a spare in case the switch of a vital component is compromised.

5.      Smart Tablet

Entertaining yourself whilst on your caravan holiday is paramount and having the latest 3G tablet will provide of fun for all the family. It will serve as a TV or media player, camera and even replace your morning newspaper.

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