5 Essential Web Apps You Have to Know About

While there are plenty of applications that you probably know about online, there are many more that you may not have the slightest idea of. Many of these applications are perfectly useful and can be beneficial to lots of people. Here are five essential web applications that you need to know about.


Mailinator is one of the coolest web applications out there. This program is unlike any other email provider in the market. The basic idea behind this email client is that you don’t have to have an account to receive e-mail. You simply make up an email address that ends in @mailinator.com and then have someone send an email to it. Once an email is received at a particular address, an account is created. At that point, you can check the email simply by entering the address that you gave out. This is basically an anonymous way to receive email messages. You don’t even have to set up an account in order to get an email from someone. If you’re worried that someone has heard of Mailinator, you can even choose one of hundreds of other domains that also point to Mailinator to give them.


Bugmenot.com is another really useful web application that you can use for free. Have you ever been visiting a site and then came across a screen that said you needed to login in order to access the rest of the information? If so, you are not alone. Almost everyone has experienced this problem at some point and it can be very annoying. With Bugmenot.com, you can get past this problem. If you come across a site that requires you to register before you can access content, simply go to bugmenot.com and fill out the form. Once you do this, you should be provided with a login to that site to free that you can use. It keeps you from having to sign up for a site that you don’t want to subscribe to.


Ninite.com is a really cool service that makes it possible for you to install applications or update them without a lot of work on your part. Have you ever noticed that when it’s time to install a software program, you have to click “Next” several times before it will actually do the job? You also may have to select which options you want to install. Many programs want you to install some lame toolbar or something else that you don’t want. With Ninite.com, you simply pick the application that you want to install and it handles the rest off of the screen. It doesn’t download anything you don’t need and gets the job done while you’re working.


Most people have heard of Adobe Photoshop and know that it costs a lot to buy. However, did you know that there’s actually a free version of the program online? At Photoshop.com, you can access a lite version of Photoshop, which will allow you to do many of the same things as regular Photoshop.


Skydrive is an application that is available from Microsoft which allows you to store files online for free. You get as much as 25 GB of storage for free for your files.
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