5 Easy SEO Tips For Beginners

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, can be daunting for beginners. There is a cornucopia of SEO information online. This information overload can be complex for anyone new to SEO.

The key to SEO is consistency and patience. Following the best SEO practices will help you reach organic traffic and optimize your site. The Google bots crawl over your text, photos and entire site. Afterward, your site is ranked. Google is looking for quality sites that are experts. SEO helps your site became an expert site.

Here are five easy SEO tips for beginners from the United States SEO services that should improve your site’s ranking on search engines.

1)Research & use relevant keywords

Keywords are the main words that potential customers use to search online in order to find your product or service. These are the descriptive words that narrow down the search.

How do you find keywords? One way is to brainstorm, using word association. If your business is selling lamps, you may include floor lamps, study lamps, decorative lamps and even related words like task lighting or lamp fixtures. Write everything down on a list, or use word balloons. Be sure to write down everything that comes to mind.

Another way to find keywords is to check which keywords your competitor uses. Their keywords are going to be at the bottom of their text. This is also an opportunity to note what keywords they are missing. You could include these missing keywords in your site and help it rank higher than your competition’s.

Another popular way to find keywords is to conduct a Pinterest or YouTube search. Just searching a single word can yield dozens of keywords on Pinterest. YouTube is the second biggest search engine, second only to their parent company Google. A simple search could help you find variations on keywords.

Branded keywords are another way to capture more searches. Your business may use certain words that attract your client base. Make sure you include these branded keywords in your SEO strategy.

Some test out keywords by utilizing PPC (pay per click)such as Google AdSense. If keywords are not doing well with PPC, you should change them before using these words in your SEO strategy. 

SEO Tips For Beginners2)Optimize page titles &meta descriptions

Optimizing your page titles is something that you may naturally do. By creating a title, with your keyword closer to the beginning, will do best in search results.

When creating a title, always consider where your business is located, what your product or service is and who your business is. This will help improve your SEO. These are natural questions that potential customers want to be answered as they search online.

Your meta description can be part of a plugin that helps Google bots determine what your content is about. Your title should always be about the content below. You cannot have a title about disco dancing and write content about hiking in the Alps. The title and content must relate.

3) Optimize page content

Take those same keywords that are in your title and include them in your header H1, H2, H3 tags. These keywords should be evenly spread throughout your content. Do not keyword stuff. Make sure your language is natural and the content is easy to understand in a natural language.

Don’t forget to optimize photos. Google bots cannot read a photo, so you need to help them. Do not leave the generic numeric photo number on a picture. Make sure to rename it with what is shown in the photo. This photo should relate to the content you have written.

4) Optimize your business around the web

Local business is one of the best was to rank on search engines. Over half of all mobile searches are local searches.

One of the easiest business tools is Google My Business. Fill out your information in the form. Be sure that if you have more than one business location that you fill out a separate Google My Business for each location. Be sure to use the exact same location city names and abbreviations.

5)Build relevant links

Link building is one of the surest ways to improve your search ranking. There are two main types of links. Internal links link content from one page to another. This helps the user find more information and a deeper dive. Internal links show Google that you are an expert. Make sure that you only use one main keyword per page. Otherwise, Google will choose which page is your main page for that keyword and that may not be your intended main page.

Backlinks are gold. You only want links from reputable sites. One way to get quality backlinks is to get listed in local directories. Sending out press releases to news organizations can also help you obtain the coveted quality backlinks. Testimonials from customers and clients offer excellent backlinks.

Be sure to check your competitor’s links by using tools such as MajesticSEO, aHrefs, or OpenSiteExplorer. These are links you need on your own site.

By utilizing these 5 easy SEO tips for beginners and registering your site with Google Search Console, you have begun some best SEO practices. These small efforts will result in big organic results.

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