Top 5 Cool Mac Accessories You Should Know

Apple gadgets are highly enhanced in their features. The different accessories are used to heighten the beauty of the Mac device. It is very tough to choose one of the coolest MAC accessories from the wide variety of stylish and useful stuff. Do you need an external monitor to have a large screen to enjoy gaming? Mac accessories will also provide such coolest monitor.

There is also a scope to use the wireless mouse or keyboard, or cool cases. The third party manufacturers are designing innovative Mac accessories to cope up with he desires of many Mac users by producing varieties of adapters, dongles, leather cases for Macbooks, docks and many other coolest products.Here is the list of the coolest mac accessories for you.

  1. USB – C to USB adapter

USB – C to USB adapter of Apple is available from $19 on Amazon. With this adapter, you can connect iOS devices and other USB accessories to a Mac device with the help of USB-C port. The flash drive and the camera can also be connected to the Mac computer using this adapter. This USB device is even used to sync and charge your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

  1. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

The Logitech MX Master is a wireless mouse that has lots of features packed in a tiny body. It works by getting connected to USB or a Bluetooth. It can be easily handled. It is an awesome engineered product which is really very cool. It is available on Amazon at a price of only $64 on Amazon. It has a superior speed-adaptive scroll wheel. Three different devices can be connected at a time to this wireless mouse.There are more cool mac mice, too, if you don’t like this one.

  1. Apple Wireless Keyboard

The other innovative Bluetooth accessory is the Apple Magic Keyboard. It is a full-sized keyboard with an expensive price of $89. The wireless feature allows keeping the USB-C ports from being overcrowded. Apple Wireless Keyboard is designed fashionably with compactness. Its look is elegant with ultra-thin anodized aluminium metallic texture. It also has one-touch function keys with the adjusting features of screen brightness, volume, fast-forward and rewind. The wireless Bluetooth system enables connectivity within 30 feet of the Mac device. The keyboard has automatic power on and off facility. It gets off when not in use and turns on as soon as you start using.

  1. BenQ PD3200U Designer Monitor

The BenQ PD3200U Designer Monitor, starting at $800, is a highly designed monitor. If you are using a MacBook Pro on the desktop workstation then BenQ PD3200U Monitor is a pretty nice choice. The colour combination of the monitor is of rich contrast and is accurately polished. This 4K 32-inch monitor works as a big TV screen. If you are really prone to computer games of high graphics, then buy this high defined monitor.

  1. AirPods

One of the extraordinary products of Apple is AirPods. Though MacBook has a headphone jack, Bluetooth AirPods is a source of immense pleasure and easy to handle. The AirPods are available at $159 has superb wireless earphones with 62 mAh battery power.

That is all, the list of the coolest mac accessories. This list consists of only five such coolest accessories. Explore all these accessories and try to acquire an expensive possession of high brand, that is, the Apple.