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With the advancement in technology, it’s becoming easier to bypass restrictions that once were almost impossible. The virtual private networks of today have more power and are made to be used by even someone with no prior knowledge of bypassing security restrictions. Today we will talk about some of the top VPNs on the market for Google Chrome and some of their key features that you might be interested in.


As one of the oldest and more updated applications, this extension had gained a huge following of over 3 million users since its debut in 2013. The best part of this VPN is that it offers solid Wi-Fi protection that is overall better than most of the free and even paid proxy servers on the market. With servers scattered across 5 countries, you can have a quick connection while hiding your IP from other users at the touch of a button.


Gom VPN likes to boast about its configuration-free system that makes it easy for all level of users. With the one-touch feature you are now able to connect to a 1000mbit unlocking server. One of the coolest features is the account share option where you can use the same profile that you use on Android devices on your Google Chrome extension without having to get complicated. If you are a person that uses many devices or browsers, this is the VPN for you.


Dot is a powerful tool that gives you the protection you need to fight off invasions and stop potential malicious bugs from being contracted. This VPN can allow you to bypass school-restricted websites and even escape the clutches of country censorship. Dot VPN provides quality for being a free extension and is great for all level of users.


I have seen Cyberghost dominate with their operating system counterpart and now steadily growing in the mobile/extension market. With a strong background you can’t go wrong with Cyberghost; it is still rather new and has currently around 30,000 active users. Don’t let the user base bring you down as it is still highly rated and recommended to all level of users because of its one-touch system. Having connected to the server you will be surfing with a 256 bit-AES encryption.

Hola Search

The Hola VPN has a fully free-forever model and it is something you can appreciate rather quickly. With its secure servers, you can easily confide in getting past all of those pesky restrictions at work or the school library.

For more information about the best VPNs, I recommend this very comprehensible article on Secure Thoughts. I really hope you find these choices helpful and find a VPN that you truly like.