5 Best Mobile Apps for Home Renovations

Apps_for_Home_RenovatorsHome renovations will improve the home’s value and also lift the spirits of the home owners. Everyone should consider home renovations to help them feel better in their homes while spending the least amount of money. There are mobile applications that will help with home renovations. The applications are convenient and can be used on-site during home renovations with mobile smart phones or tablets. Here are five of the best that will help with home renovations.

1. Houzz

Houzz contains over one million photos of landscapes and homes to serve as inspiration for home renovations. This virtual idea book allows people browse and sort photos by style, room, and location. The favorites can be saved to the application. The products on the site are curated by some of the best architects, contractors, and local designers. You’re sure to find just what looking for with this application.

2. DreamHome

DreamHome also provides inspiration for professional designers who are trying to renovate their homes. Viewing can take place both online and offline. There are numerous décor solutions featured in the application of actual interiors of different colors and styles for different room types. There are solutions for small spaces and larger, more sophisticated interiors. Renovators can upload designs and share inspirations with other friends and family via email or social media.

3. Renovation Budget Tracker 

Renovation Budget Tracker is an application that will track and budget expenses. It will keep track of bill accuracy and how many have been paid up-to-date. Home improvements will be easier with the renovation tracker. A countdown clock will help people determine when a payment is due or when a new room will be ready.

4. Home Sizer

Home Sizer helps people calculate the square footage of the home. The dimensions of the room can be entered to calculate room areas. The cumulative square footage and gross square footage of the home can be calculated with this application. Then, the cost per square foot can be calculated. Rooms can be added or deleted with this application, and the monthly payment can be determined with the built in mortgage calculator.

5. Expert Video: Home Repair

Expert Video: Home Repair offers videos that will teach people how to do DIY home repairs. Some of the most popular videos include drywall, installing hardwood floors, how to caulk, and deck installation. Videos for cooking, car repair, art, personal health, professional training, and home repair are also featured to help home renovators.

Choose the Best Mobile Apps for Home Renovations

If you are planning on home renovations, these mobile applications can help. Many of the experts recommend these applications because of the ease of use and the level of functionality provided. Try a couple for your next home renovation to improve productivity and efficiency of the project.


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