5 Android Apps That Can Help You Save Your Battery Life

Is your phone losing a lot of battery power due to excessive heating? If you do own a smartphone or are thinking about getting one either for business or personal life, one of the most important things to consider is the battery life. If you are experiencing excessive battery loss just minutes after unplugging your device, there are several apps that you can use to counter this.

Green Power

The Green Power app will govern how your phone uses specific features and supply the appropriate energy. The app will monitor phone network use, Wi-Fi use and provide notifications for you to make changes appropriately. There is a free and premium version of this app.


The aggressively titled JuiceDefender app was mainly developed to help extend the battery life of your device by effectively managing the biggest energy draining features in your phone, particularly phone network 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The JuiceDefender app allows you to manage mobile data, CPU speed and general screen brightness to reduce power consumption. Moreover, it has the impressive energy consumption feature that will keep power use to a bare minimum thanks to WiFi toggle automation, Bluetooth control, CPU scaling and the auto disabling options. The app is easy to use as it runs in the background, automatically performing the functions mentioned above.

2X Battery

The 2X Battery app is essentially a spin-off from Green Power. Although it does have similar features to Green Power, it does not quite match up. This app will mainly monitor your phone’s cellular data connections.

Basically, when in use, the app will disable cell data when the screen goes dark or after a set time. It does, however, have an option that allows it to maintain connections in white listed applications that may be running in the background. The app’s status bar on your phone will display all the information regarding battery life and savings.

Easy Battery Saver

As the name suggests, the Easy Battery Saver app was built specifically to extend your battery life. The app single-handedly manages your phone’s network connectivity, screen time-out and screen brightness features. The app is easy to use as it simply displays energy consumption details without all the technical details. Complete with four preset modes, (general saving mode, normal mode, super power saving mode and advanced customised mode) the app will allow you to choose whichever mode you desire and it will perform all the necessary functions for you. Similar to several of its rivals, the Easy Battery Saver is free to download.

Battery Life Saver

 Battery Life Saver provides one of the easiest methods of preserving battery life by disabling the most energy hungry features of the phone with just one click. It also gives the user the ability to view the CPU and Processor usage and monitor the background tasks, allowing users to shut down any unwanted applications that are running on their phone. The app even lets the user save their own custom battery saving plan and is able to automatically enter power saving mode when the battery is low.


This is a guest post provided courtesy of Energy Helpline, leading specialists in energy conservation. They can assist you with energy comparison between providers to ensure that your business and your home are running as efficiently as possible and routinely look for ways that users can utilise the latest technology to save money and energy.

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