4 Ways To Get More +1s For Your Google+ Post

google_plus.5Think you can just ignore Google+ in your social media strategy? Considering that Google+ recently passed Twitter to become the second-most used social media network, that would be an unwise decision. While there is probably no risk of Google+ overtaking Facebook anytime soon, the platform has enough active users to make anyone who wants to develop an online presence to get on board.

One of the most important features of Google+ is the “+1,” which is equivalent to the “Like” button on Facebook. When your subscribers see something that appeals to them, they click the “+1” button which lets everyone in their circles know that they enjoyed that particular piece of content, which in turn attracts more attention to your post, and ultimately drives more traffic to your site.

If you want to make the most out of every post, you need to find a way to direct people towards that magical “+1” button. Here are five ways that you can boost the number of +1s you get on every post.

1) Add A Call To Action

If this sounds simple, that’s because it is. If you want your subscribers to +1 your post, why not just tell them. When most people read a post they really enjoy, they might simply nod silently to themselves and continue browsing through their Google+ stream. But when confronted with a simple call to action like “+1 to tell your friends,” they are more likely to actually take that extra step and lend their approval.

2) Add Relevant Hashtags

Connor Withal is a blogger living in Pacific Beach, California.  When he’s not surfing, he’s writing about social media, marketing, and online security.

Google+ makes it remarkably easy to find posts that interest you. If, for example, you’re reading a post about Breaking Bad, you can find more posts about the crime-committing duo of Walter and Jesse by clicking on “#BreakingBad” on the upper-right hand corner of the post. The post will flip over, revealing other accounts who have recently posted about the AMC series. This feature connects you to people who aren’t even subscribed to you, but are interested in the kind of content you’re producing. Every time you create a post, add relevant and popular hashtags so other people can discover you.

3) Tease Your Links The Right Way

Are you using Google+ to share posts from your blog?  That’s great, but this strategy gives you one big problem: before your subscribers actually like your post enough to +1 it, they have to actually click on the link and see what your blog has to say. The best way to increase the number of people who actually click through to your blog is by “teasing” the content the right way.  All you have to do is give them a little morsel of incomplete information that will make them feel compelled to learn more.

For example, you might tease a post with something like “You won’t believe what pastime is about to become the #1 hobby in America.” That piques curiosity because it gives an interesting slice of information, but doesn’t give away the whole pie. It makes the reader want to have their curiosity satisfied by clicking through to the blog and seeing what you have to say.

4) Always Include An Image

Remember: you are competing for attention with everybody else on Google+, and nothing stops people in their tracks quite as effectively as a striking (and relevant) image. While people might glance over a wall of text, a good picture might get them to linger long enough to actually read what you have to say. And if they read what you have to say, they are much more likely to give you that sought after +1.

Last But Not Least…

While all of these tips will be sure to help you get more attention for you post, you can’t forget the most vital tip of all — great content.  If you don’t provide your audience with interesting, useful, or creative content all the tricks in the world won’t help your posts get the attention that you crave. So, if you want to get those +1s, offer your subscribers posts that actually interest them.

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  1. Thanks for the post. For any business promoting social medias like Facebook, Google+, Twitter are very important. It is easy to share but hard to get likes and shares.
    this post is good one.
    gonna try this above steps to get my post shared.

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