4 Ways to Establish Your Website’s Credibility

websiteScammers and thieves are everywhere and there are so much of them, especially on the internet. This is the reason why credibility and customers’ trust are important elements to an e-commerce website’s success. Visitors to your site will do their research to check your website’s reputation and credibility before they spend their hard-earned money on your products or services.

Older e-commerce websites may no longer have any problem convincing customers to do business with them, such as trusty EBay and RingCentral since they have already established their online reputation. If you have just started a new e-commerce website for your existing business or to venture in online selling, establishing your website’s credibility should be a priority because this is crucial to your success. Your site may enjoy good rankings in the search engines but if your site does not look trustworthy enough for people to spend their money, you will have a lot of difficulty converting your traffic into sales. Here are four things that you should do to boost your website’s credibility and gain your potential customers’ trust:

1.       Hire a Professional to Design your Website

Many people gauge a website’s credibility on its appearance. Therefore, it is important that you put emphasis on your site having a professional looking design. There are a number of website building tools that allow you to build and design your e-commerce website yourself. Unfortunately, many of the free and ready-made templates are not easily customizable. They may not even have the features that you need. Worse, you may not find a template that is representative of your business or the products and services that you specialize in. A professional website designer can help you come up with a unique and professionally made website so if you have no know-how on website design, hire a professional to work on the overall design of your site.

2.       Post Your Company Information and Contact Details

You can help establish the credibility of your site by proving that yours is a legitimate business. You can do this by providing information about your company, its products and services, and how it started. People often look for the “about us” section on a website to check if it’s safe to deal with the site or not, so make sure to provide a section in your website that introduces your business to customers. You should also include contact information, such as your virtual office phone number and your email address. Businesses that have existing physical shops should include the address of their brick and mortar stores.

3.       Do not Use a Subdomain for Your Site

Many blogging platforms and website builders provide a free URL for their users and this often comes in the form of a subdomain. It’s fine to use a subdomain if you intend to use it for a personal blog but using your own domain name for your business website is crucial if you want to establish your online reputation. People will be using your domain to visit your online shop and it identifies your business so you might as well choose a good domain name. You can use a domain name that describes the product that you sell or the services you provide. You can also use your company’s name. Try to choose a short domain name that is easy to remember.

4.       Post Testimonials

Do you have loyal customers who can attest to the quality of your products and are satisfied with your services? Why not include their testimonials on your site? You can boost your website’s credibility if there are testimonials that can prove you provide great products and efficient service to your customers.