The life has now become so fast that there is very less time left in our day for ourselves. The fact can’t be denied that mental health is very much related to our Physical health. A healthy body carries a healthy mind is a very famous phrase. In our routine we try our best to discover new ideas and thoughts which will be helpful for us in our professional life. Physical illness is a main obstacle in quality Ideas. A person can’t think of something with full concentration when he is suffering from some illness. Some very simple tips can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy life.

Timing of your food matters

The quality of things you eat is a factor but the time and routine of your food matters a lot. You should at least eat three times in a day. The fear of fatness is the main problem in this routine. Don’t eat like it is your last meal. Save a little hunger at the end for the next meal. Don’t stuff your stomach so much that digesting it becomes a problem for you. Eat on a routine time but don’t eat so much.

Stay awake after dinner

Overeating is mostly done at dinner time. Stay awake for at least an hour after dinner. Doesn’t matter how much you eat, digesting the food will be difficult if you sleep after dinner. If you have the space the best option is to take a short walk. If you have done exercise before dinner staying awake will help your body muscles to relax. It doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your sleep. Eat dinner early to sleep early.

Make routine of light exercise.

Exercise is the best way to keep the body healthy and fit. In professional life it is very difficult to manage time for Gym or some other sport from busy routine. The best way is doing some exercise which can be easily done in home. The purpose of exercise is change for different persons. Students do exercise to gain a little weight but the purpose of exercise for professionals is physical health.

Exercises which can be done in home

Best option for employed persons is exercise at home. Best timings for exercise are morning and evening. There are some very simple exercises which can easily be done in home. In morning before breakfast do some pushups. In start it will be difficult to achieve a set of 10 raps. But when the routine is set 3 sets of 10 raps will be a piece of cake. Morning exercise will increase your strength and will keep you fresh and active all day. After coming back from office take some rest and the exercise should be done before dinner. Crunches and pull-ups are one of the most effective exercises which can be done in home. These exercises will keep your resistance level maintained and the recovery from any health issue will be quick.

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