4 Reasons Why You Should Have a VPS Hosting

For those in growing businesses who may need hosting features than basic shared hosting, but aren’t ready for a dedicated hosting on a private server, the virtual private server(VPS) really fits the bill. It is scalable, flexible, and more secure than shared hosting. It offers users with the experience of a private server with a shared physical space. Here are some of the advantages of vps hosting:

  • Improves Performance

Sites in shared hosting environment are usually affected by issues that involve neighboring sites on their servers. Security breaches, traffic surges and other issues affecting other sites may cause your site to experience slow speeds. Your site can as well crash as a result of sudden demands placed on a shared server’s resource that is spread among hundreds of sites. Although the dedicated hosting doesn’t eliminate these problems entirely, it reduces the risks of such kind of problems. Users face a lower risk of ‘contamination’ from a compromised neighboring site because each site is isolated from others on the server. However, users will still share a single server which can host fewer sites than a typical shared server would.

  • Can Enhance Security

It is significantly more secure than shared hosting. This is made possible by the virtual partitioning that keeps sites separate. It also enables users to install the kind of security features that can serve the site’s specific needs. The hosting providers have to install and maintain the essential security features of the server; this provides protection against a wide range of cyber threats and prevents cybercriminals from attacking. Fortunately, sites on those servers usually maintain their separateness; this greatly reduces the risk of infections by malware and viruses from adjacent sites.

  • Offers Customization and Control

In most shared hosting environments, users usually have limited control over the features and functions of the sites that they own. A host’s individual hosting packages establish the aspects of a site that can be changed or configured.  Generally, parameters are set by the host; this makes the user lack any level of access to configure core aspects of the site. On the other hand, this dedicated server enables users to enjoy full access to the site’s operating system. This includes unrestricted root access and administrator permissions. This hosting account allows site owners with experience in web design to configure their sites and install any software that is relevant to the company’s systems.

  • It is an Economical Solution for Growing Businesses

This hosting plan can offer an economical hosting alternative for small businesses. With the basic plans that rival the higher tiers of shared hosting packages, it can offer many benefitsof higher expensive dedicated hosting services. Users can also choose from a variety of tiered plans within its hosting environment. Within the parameters of the shared server, it is possible to upgrade this kind of hosting at affordable monthly rates.


It is only clear that this hosting has numerous benefits and thus suitable for many business oriented people. However, this kind of hosting is not for everyone. This hybrid solution combines crucial features with lower cost. The privacy and control of the higher-end dedicated server, offers growing businesses flexible hosting option for now and the future.

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