4 Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing VoIP Service Providers

The use of VoIP phones are rapidly increasing these days not only for companies but for individuals as well. From business to personal use, IP phones are continuously growing in popularity. There are a handful of IP providers that spurt out like mushrooms. However, not all internet phone providers have quality in service. It can be challenging to look for one that meets all your needs, nevertheless meet the standards of the internet phone market. If you are on a hunt for the best VoIP provider, you can use these four questions to help you out:
•    Do you provide a free trial period? – Trial periods should be taken advantage of especially if you are a new customer and you are still in the process of deciding. Just like when you choose a car to buy, you should give the service a test drive first before making a final decision. Most companies give a trial period of five to thirty days and you have to make the most out of this number of days. Other service packages, like the RingCentral business VoIP, can even be used with full features within the trial period. Try out the service, see if you have problems with it and if you think that it’s perfect for you, that is the time that you decide. Before, you subscribe to any trial periods make sure that the trial will not compel you to sign up with their service.
•    Do you have special promos and packages available? – Not everyone would like to spend so much money for a VoIP phone service. In particular, those business that have just started and households that have a smaller budget for communication. Fortunately for these two, VoIP services provided by internet phone companies are affordable. The best part is that companies like them have special promotions and subscription options that can really save you a lot of money. All you have to do is pick which one best fits your household or business needs and see if it fits your budget too. You can choose from a per use subscription to an unlimited outgoing-call subscription. There are also packages wherein you are given a particular number of minutes then you will pay for minutes in excess of the allotment.
•    Is your technical support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week? – This is a common question asked by companies that have night shifts such as security agencies, hotels, as well as public sectors like hospitals, police station, fire stations and the like. In case the VoIP phone encounters problems around 12 midnight or 2 in the morning, the employees can easily contact the customer service or technical support representative; these people are trained to troubleshoot technical issues and provide information and assistance to subscribers. Especially in emergency cases like in hospitals and fire stations, such problems need to be quickly solved to avoid further damage or danger.
•    What services or features will I get with my subscription? – Subscriptions differ from one another. Some subscription packages are good for companies and some for households. Apart from this, this would also depend on the size of the company, the location and other factors. Some features may not be available for households and the same goes for business. Ask the providers if you have the option to have certain features added to your subscription.