4 Myths To Avoid While Developing A Website

Attractive design plays an important role to make successful a website. But many simple design websites are more popular as compare to the colorful and image-healthy sites. Though, designers usually drop for many typical myths related to web design that may spoil all of their attempts. Let’s take a look at a few of the web design myths that they should get rid of.

Developing A Website

Having Multiple Colors Expands A Website

Absolutely wrong! Lots of colors over the website don’t make it to be attractive for the subscribers, quite the opposite; the subscriber’s eyes may uncomfortable from searching by your website pages which are actually filled with lots of colors. Furthermore, it puzzles all of them and within the puzzled condition, they may come out leaving your website.

Ultimately, you have to select a particular color pattern for the website, which involves with the 2 to 3 colors. Moreover, you have to remember that the text should be easily readable as well as put the words inside a dark color with the light-colored background and the all around.

Use Lots of Images As Much You Like

One more myth is, you never can get plenty of images on your website. That is not so true and in reality, lots of image components in your website will just increase to your worries. Therefore, you should keep a suitable text to image relation in your website, if you don’t then your website pages can get lots of time for buffer which consequently will upset the subscribers.

A principle of the browse is always to hold the volume of the web pages lower than 30KB, together with the HTML and pictures; if you discover the pictures taking up lots of space, you are able to change their sizings with any picture modifying software. Furthermore, save all of them within the accurate format (.GIF format for clip arts and web visuals and .JPG format for Pictures).

Needed Flash To Enhance Your Website

This is very foolish to say that Flash is capable to enhance your/any website, because Flash only offers moveable graphic, impressive introduction pages, images and lots of other vibrant features, which is not an essential part to enhance any website. Also, you are capable to get various attractive effects with HTML, which is more helpful than Flash, for your site.

Written Content is Not Essential

This is completely wrong! What will the subscribers look at if they go to your website instead of the details they’re searching for? Only putting loads of pictures with a few of text included in some places will not provide your target; you’ve to place in related written content over the website because when visitors browse for a little bit content through the search engine, it makes them redirected on your website.

Therefore, begin your website with top quality along with related content material and stay upgrading it regularly. This creates your website seem new for the subscribers whenever they visit it and raises the attractiveness of your website.


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