3 Useful Personal Finance Apps

Boman Rustom IraniThe financial aspect of our lives is extremely important. We need to constantly track our investments in order to make sure that they are growing with stability. Earlier, to do this, the investor had to keep in touch his investment brokers and bank personnel. However, with the advancement of technology tracking one’s investments has become much easier.

Besides keeping a track on your investments with the help of online sites and PC applications, you can now do the same from your mobile phone. With an array of mobile financial applications, it is now possible to keep a check on your finances on the move. Conventionally, you could get information on your finances only during working hours because of the personnel involved and their work timings. But now, mobile applications enable you to check your finances and investments 24/7, enabling you to get information anytime and from anywhere.

Today, the smartphone market is divided into four major platforms, namely iOS, Android Windows and Blackberry. These mobile phones are state of the art machines made with the latest technology. They are the most advanced phones in the field today. With thousands of applications to offer, these phones are powerful tools when used optimally. The applications or ‘apps’ range from health and fitness to finance, and even games and entertainment. Some apps are specific to the phone or company for which they are made, while some are cross platform apps which are available on most of the smartphones. Irrespective of which smart phone you are using, there will always be an app for everything.

So who needs financial apps? If you are trying to keep a check on your expenses, track your investments and finances, observe your transactions and get regular updates on your bank account, then financial apps are definitely for you. Irrespective of the type of smartphone you are using, here are a few personal finance apps you can use to your advantage:

1.      Mint:

Mint is a cross platform and function rich budgeting app that is known for its user friendliness and a simple but powerful setup. It is a free app and requires very little configuration, thus enabling you to use it with ease even if you are not very tech savvy. It tracks your balance, sends you alerts and manages transactions with a simple to understand approach. With a tagline that states “Track, budget and manage your money on the go”, Mint operates with multiple accounts, enabling you to keep a complete overview of your finances.

2.      PayPal:

Available on Android, Blackberry as well as iPhone, PayPal offers a safe and secure channel through which one can make monetary transactions. PayPal is available in 160 countries, 16 languages and also supports multiple currencies. The latest version also allows you to deposit your cheque into your account by clicking and uploading a picture of the cheque. It is a finance app that everyone must download as it is flexible and free.

3.      Bloomberg:

Bloomberg is a free application that comes with a wide array of investment and portfolio tracking tools. Currently obtainable in 12 different languages, this finance app requires minimal space on your memory and even works with the older versions of your OS. Bloomberg also allows you to keep a track on market information and trend by allowing you to browse by category, date, company and value.

Apart from these three top apps, many others are available in the market which allows you to manage your finances easily depending on your requirements. However, do not forget to sign out of your accounts whenever you are not using them. Make the financial aspect of your life easy and manageable with on the go mobile finance applications.

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