3 Reasons That Make HTML5 Mobile App Development So Useful

With more emphasis on the mobile phones in recent times, the app development has seen a rapid surge. While there are many technologies and platforms available for mobile app development, most of them are OS specific and require separate apps to be built for each OS. HTML5 has emerged as a language using which, cross-platform apps can be developed that resemble and function like native apps. HTML5 is a markup language just like HTML and is more suitable for mobile app development.

HTML5 is now widely used by developers to create apps for the mobile as most users are migrating to smartphones and tablets for using the internet. More than 75% of the online traffic is now generated by smartphones and hence, fast and robust mobile app development is the need of the hour. What makes HTML5 app a preferred one is the fact that, as the application is not installed on the device, the entire content is pulled down from the server and displayed upon request from the users. This makes the application very lightweight. If the reports and surveys are anything to go by, HTML5 mobile applications will account for more than 80% of the apps in the near future.

The success of HTML5 can be attributed to the fact that it gives a lot of flexibility to the users in terms of development, UI designing and using scripts. 3 Reasons that make HTML5 an indispensable tool for mobile app development have been enlisted here.

  • Deployment of the app is easy

Deployment of the apps on different app stores requires extensive scripts and codes. There are several practices that need to be followed for deployment of the apps. However, for HTML apps, the process is easier and smoother as there are few parts that need to be installed. The installation of these fractional parts can be done by JavaScript tools that are open source. Once the app gets popular on the app stores, its hosting becomes quite profitable. On the other hand, for the native apps to go live, there are certain terms and conditions that are required to be followed.

  • Advanced and Robust feature can be included easily

The inclusion of advanced features can be done easily when you use HTML5 for mobile application development. It is one of the best platforms to create and launch the mobile app as the applications built using HTML5 can be amended rapidly. Other robust features can also be incorporated in the mobile application with utmost ease. The Chrome Store has also given support to the HTML development as there is a migration of cross-linking UI and the web apps.

  • Good HTML developers are easy to find

A good team of developers is required for any kind of app development and HTML5 development is no exception. Fortunately, there is no dearth of human resource when it comes to HTML5 app development. HTML5 is one of the most popular and preferred tools among the developer community. Therefore, it is easy to find a good developer for your mobile application. When compared to Android and iPhone developers, HTML5 developers demand less remuneration, making HTML app development more cost-efficient. It is hence a great way to make good profits from the apps by making less investment.


Mobile app development has emerged as an essential part of the business as most businesses rely on the users to grow. HTML5 makes the process of app development, hassle free and simple. Moreover, you can create cross-platform applications that run on several mobile phones and tablet models smoothly. These features of HTML5 highlight the usability and efficiency of using HTML5 for mobile app development.

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The blog has been penned by Bryan Lazaris, (@bryanlazaris) a web developer working with HireWebDeveloper. Blog writing is one of his hobbies and he makes it a point to share his knowledge and insight on the latest technological innovations, on-going trends, programming skills and much more. His experience and expertise are evident in his writing which has inspired many budding developers.

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