2018’s Top Cloud Services for Small Businesses

Smart small business owners know that investing in a cloud storage service is one of the best decisions they can make. Devices and documents get misplaced, natural disasters occur, and you never know exactly when you may need access to certain files outside of the office. Cloud storage eliminates all these worries by allowing you to safely store your data electronically and easily access it from anywhere.

The Best Cloud Service for Your Small Business


Not sure you would really benefit from cloud storage? Check out ADrive’s FREE 60-day trial to see if it makes a difference. They work with millions of users to provide anywhere access and transfer abilities using SFTP, SCP, and Rsync. You can edit documents online and engage in multiple session at the same time. ADrive offers one of the lowest priced plans in the United States with new plans starting at only $2.50/month, or $25/year, for 100GB of storage for individual users, and only $7/monthly, or $70 yearly, for 200GB and up to 10 users.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Are you a very small business who cannot afford to pay for cloud storage at all? Check out a big name like Amazon that can afford to offer free cloud storage services. Their Simple Storage Service (S3) gives users access to Amazon’s massive cloud used by big names likes Pinterest and Netflix. Their free plan comes with 5GB of storage and 15GB of data transfer per year. They also offer tiered pricing that starts at $0.023/GB for the first 50TB/month.


Bitcasa operates differently from the other cloud services by acting like an external hard drive. Rather than syncing all files across all devices, users can access any data or documents and run files stored in the Bitcasa client. Another unique feature is automatic encryption that occurs before the files even reach the Bitcasa servers. Check out their FREE 60-day trial with 5GB of storage for up to three different devices. Their paid plans start at just $10/month with 1TB for up to five devices.


Looking to combine your online storage space with up-to-the-minute backup services? Check out CrashPlan for a cloud storage and backup system that watches for changes in real time and backs up only the items that have been changed, making them smaller and faster. You can even backup and access files from any mobile device. CrashPlan comes with an online management console and desktop application for customization and better security. Plans start at $10/month/device.


Searching for an enterprise-level cloud storage provider that allows you to store your information both in the public cloud and locally? Check out Egnyte with scalable and flexible plans that start at only $8/user/month with 5TB and a max 10GB of uploads.


A simple and fast online cloud service provider, JustCloud automatically backs up your most important files with unlimited storage space. You can sync multiple computers and mobile devices within your network to back up to the same place. JustCloud provides awesome data security with technical support available 24/7 and starts at $10.69/month for 75GB.


The Dell-owned cloud storage company Mozy offers coverage for small businesses, large enterprise IT companies, and individuals. They offer one of the simplest sync services with automatic updates throughout the day. With Mozy, you get military-grade security, mobile access, data recovery services, data management, mobile access, server backups, and automatic cloud backups on their unlimited servers. If you use their servers, prices start at $13.98/month for 10GB and only $9.99/month without them.


Looking for a cloud service with 100% privacy? SpiderOak offers online backup, syncing, sharing, and cloud storage with a “zero-knowledge” privacy policy. This means only the user can access the data. Not even the government or SpiderOak staff can access it. Plans start at $5/month for 100GB or $12/month for 1TB.


Another great option if you need a big business cloud storage service within the budget of a small business, Zoolz offers extremely powerful cloud storage options without the massive price tag. With Zoolz, you get no caps on the size of your files or on your download/upload bandwidth speeds. You get access to unlimited servers and users, which makes it easy to upgrade your service to meet your growing business’s needs. It also offers a triple backup service that instantly stores everyday items, cold stores files you do not use regularly, as well as giving you an extra local backup on your server. Service starts at $30/month for 1TB.