2013: The Year Broadband Comes To You

Broadband is a fairly simple enough service that seems to have been about for as long as the internet. Yet so many people are unaware of the vast benefits of broadband, preferring to remain with their archaic dial-up modems, and it is in 2013 when these benefits become even better than ever.

One of the most significant ways in which broadband will enhance 2013 is through the increase in the number of companies offering super speedy fibre optic broadband, which currently allows for connection speeds of up to 100Mb, whereas conventional cable broadband mostly only allows for speeds of up to 20Mb. Put simply, this means that the time it requires for every single downloads, be it music, movies, TV shows documents or anything else, is exponentially quicker, meaning that you can download more in a day at a faster rate. Furthermore, this greater download speed advantage is available to a much broader range of people in 2013 as it is no longer Virgin who expresses sole rights over the provision of fibre optic broadband, with a number of companies, including Sky, now offering unlimited fibre broadband products.

Moreover, with an ever increasing reliance on streaming sites such as BBC iPlayer, access to a broadband connection ensures that TV shows and movies can be viewed anytime, as streaming content requires bandwidth which dials up modems cannot deliver. Moreover, if you also had a fibre optic broadband connection you would be able to stream without the annoyance of buffering at random intervals, which can from time to time beset slower broadband connections.
Lastly broadband can also enhance your year as it allows for more people to do more things on the internet at the same time. With many households now having multiple computers and Smartphone’s, the demands placed on internet connections are now greater so dial up modems are often sluggish in speed. However, with a broadband connection, all members of the household are able to use download space via Smartphone’s or computers, all at a faster pace.