10 Smartphone Applications that will Improve Your Ride

Every time a parent brings his child for the purpose of teaching the little one some cycling tips, he complains that smartphones keep today’s children away from the outside world. I couldn’t help but agree because I’ve seen similar examples in and around my neighborhood. Children play all sorts of games on their smartphone and feel no need of going out there and flexing their muscles.

There is, however, a solution offered to us cycling enthusiasts by those great App developers. There are some great cycling apps available on the App stores which will not only motivate but also provide great tips to anyone who wants to go on a ride. These apps are free, user-friendly and allow you and your children to have great fun while cycling.

Ready to take your love for cycling to the next level via your smartphone? Check out these apps.

Bike Gear Calculator

This app is basically designed for professionals. Whether you want to have a perfect frame geometry angle, want to compare your tire width, ratios, or crank length, or want to know what the perfect number of teeth are for your bike’s cassette, this app will sort you out with aplomb. Consequently, while it may not be the best for casual cyclists, cycling nerds would certainly find this app useful.

Cycle Tracker Pro

As its name might suggest, the cycle “tracker” pro keeps a track of where you are going, the traffic on the route, the shortest route to your destination, and calories burned. Also, since it is synchronized with Google Maps, you can have a Street View to your proposed route. The app also gives you the option of creating a cycling playlist or chooses one if you have already created within your smartphone. Also, if you are fond of taking selfies while riding, it has an inbuilt camera to do just that.

On the negative side, this app is only available for iOS users and it doesn’t come for free. Still, if you are willing to pay $4.49, this app deserves your attention.

Google Maps

It might seem a no-brainer but this app is one of the most useful I’ve ever encountered while riding on my bike. Not only does it tell me the proposed route to my destination but it also warns me in advance of the traffic lying ahead. Similarly, if I want to make sure whether a road is passable with thebike or not, its Street View features helps me out. If I’m feeling thirsty or hungry during my ride, it helps me in hunting down the best coffee/sandwich near me. God forbidding if an emergency strikes me, it helps me in locating the nearest hospital, fire station, or police department in no time.

My Fitness Pal

Food journaling has acquired the shape of an art for pros like Jeremy Powers. They swear that when it comes to perching their game above their colleagues, taking stock of their nutrition has helped them a lot. If you haven’t taken stock of your nutrition of late and/or want to improve your diet or want to know the calories you have burned during a recent ride, this app is one of the best that are there in the stores. Thankfully, it comes for Free and is available on both iOS and Android smartphones.

MTB Project

Planning on visiting a state in the upcoming summer? Aren’t sure which trails will lead you in the right direction? No need to worry as MTB Project will sort you out for free. All you need to do is to enter the name of the state which you are planning to visit and the app will download the maps. It will also give you distance as well as difficulty ratings. Plus, if you don’t want to ride alone, it will also give you an intel who are using the app while traveling in the same area.

Even if you’re not planning to cover long miles, this app will let you discover new trails in your neighborhood. For, there is always a secret track nearby the area in which we are living!


You might call me crazy but this is one of the best apps out there when it comes to keeping you motivated. Many people don’t get thrilled by seeing the calories they have burned or the distanced they have covered. For them, pictures of people who have covered same trails in the past could fill them with the energy to complete their trip with aplomb. There could also be beautiful pictures of the tracks lying ahead which would boost their confidence to go ahead.

Elite HRV

Some people want to make sure that, after they have taken their training to the next level, it stays there for long. For such people, monitoring heart rate vulnerability is crucial. This is where this app comes into play. It measures your heartbeat, the objective level of fatigue, and your breathing patterns before and after you’ve done your hard work. All you need to do to use this app is to have a smartphone plus a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor.

Sleep Bot

Ask professional cyclists and they will tell you that sleeping is as important for their game as exercise. They take their sleep seriously so that their body remains fresh and pumped up for the grueling routine ahead. If you want to do the same, installing this app will be a useful first step. Not only it calculates how much time you spend in sleeping but it also monitors whether you’re having a good sleep or spend the last night turning and tossing in your bed.

Find my Friend

Both for fun as well as for road safety, we always recommend that you have a partner while covering long distances. If for some reason your partner has got lost, you can track his location via this app. Provided that your friend’s iPhone also has this app and they have allowed it to share their destination with you, you can find out the exact location of your friends at any time.

Hang Biker

Made only for the Windows Phone, this app can be categorized as a cycling version of the old Hangman game. It is a very good time killer. Imagine what you would do when your friend’s tire has gone flat and you’ve nothing to do but wait. Correct! You’ll use this app to kill time.