10 Best IT and Technology Memes On the Web

Memes will always be one of the best parts of the internet, especially when they’re technology related. Here are the best technology memes on the web.

With the never-ending workplace demands, IT and tech guys rarely have it easy. If you happen to be among this unlucky bunch, worry not. We have prepared a list of the top ten funny IT memes to help you blow off some steam.

The internet is loaded with millions of hilarious tech memes. A good meme is often funny, relatable and not overly complex. We’ll try to get the first two on lock. Since you might be a techie, we figured complexity might just be your cup of tea.

Without further ado, here are ten of the best information technology memes you will find on the web. Oh, and make sure you share the fun all around, except with your boss, of course.

10 Best It and Technology Memes on the Web

Let’s check out the top ten. Ready?

  1. Cat and Mouse

In this classic pun, this cat seems to have bitten off more than he can chew. The cat’s facial expression isn’t helping the situation either.

  1. Oh, Brian!

The classic case of Googling Google happens to Brian all the time. No need to lie; we’ve all been there.

  1. Is there an off switch?

A downright funny internet meme, legend has it that to this very day, grandma is still trying to switch off the internet.

  1. Standing Ovation

There’s no feeling quite like plugging in a USB cable on the first try. This baby knows the feeling all too well.

  1. Not My Cookies!

You know how you get those intrusive cookie messages on web pages all the time, even this one (but we’re kind of special because you love us).

It makes sense to delete them once and for all, right? Well, this baby was having none of that. The little guy wants his cookies, and he wants them now.

  1. Extinction Via Wi-Fi

Have you ever had this random thought that wifi could be dangerous and will eventually kill us? If you have, you’re not the only one. I too have had these crazy thoughts while smoking erm… my prescription medicine.

  1. Get a Life

These computer memes hit different when it’s true. Lucky for us tech and IT guys, the internet is our life.

  1. We Need You.

You know Steve Jobs, right? The dude who made Apple what it is today. He sort of died and Apple hasn’t been the same ever since. Come back, Steve Jobs; we need you.

  1. Tech Expert

Arguably the funniest information technology meme to date, this meme is an appreciation of all the tech experts out there who can solve almost anything with one simple solution.

  1. Thanks a Bunch

How considerate of you to call to tell me about the email you just sent me. Have you considered joining the MENSA society?

If you need more IT-memes and you’ve got some funny ideas, you can easily make them on your own using Adobe Spark’s meme creator.

Wrapping Up

I can assure you that these funny technology memes will get you cracking up. For more exciting, informative, and funny pieces on technology and Information Technology, scour through our website.